Investigation into the legality of the Recent BBC/SKY F1 deal

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Created September 26, 2011 by F1_Fan


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  1. Sundeep Chind UNITED KINGDOM

    Since moving from ITV to BBC, F1 has been taken to a new level of viewing pleasure. I love the fact that the races on BBC are not interrupted by endless commercials (the case with ITV) which on Sky you can bet your savings it will be.BBC is the winning formula for me.

  2. Kimran

    We have no choice but to allow our taxpayer’s money to be wasted on the Olympics in huge swathes for an event that only comes around for a few weeks every few years. As recent polls have shown very little lf the population are actually interested in the Olympics anyway anymore and yet a genuinely popular sport like F1 with an ever-growing veiwership is being let go? When did the BBC turn into a Buisness and move away from being a PUBLIC SERVICE.

  3. michael burt

    no to sky

  4. Paul Speakman UNITED KINGDOM

    As a license payer I am disgusted that I may have to pay £600p.a to watch my beloved F1, BBC what are you thinking!?


    No to sky

  6. Ian Walker POLAND

    No way Sky. Free to view.

  7. M Nightingale UNITED KINGDOM

    Absolute Disgrace. Sold out by the BBC.

  8. David Spendlove UNITED KINGDOM

    Why have the BBC been allowed to tie up with another SKY takeover without it being put out to bids! The whole point of competition! This smacks of brown envelopes or something similar. Why have they not done the same for Wimbledon, because the majority of Directors prefer Tennis to anything else!! Any National sport SHOULD be available to all nationals and not to a select few. Cricket, Rugby . . .

  9. Barbara Gouin UNITED STATES

    This will not do Formula 1 any favours or Murdoch why would pepole who have Sky sports pay to watch a race that is on BBC for free and pay $15.00 or whatever Murdoch decides to watch the others live

  10. alan coaker UNITED KINGDOM

    This must be stopped.

  11. Ashley Shillabeer UNITED KINGDOM

    Why does Sky have to get everything and then make us pay to continue to watch it. F1 should remain 100% completely free-to-view!

  12. William Tinker UNITED KINGDOM

    F1 on the monopolising, hideously expensive Murdoch-run Sky? No thanks.

  13. Martin Beint CANADA

    BBC – You’re out of order!

  14. J.Gibbons UNITED KINGDOM

    95% of my TV watching is F1 . I bought a licence to watch it . Now I am being told I need to spend another £600 to be able to watch it in its entirety and I have to deal with the unsavory News Corp / Sky / Fox network ( which I never will ) to do so . I like many others feel cheated . Go get em`

  15. Stephen Maddox UNITED KINGDOM

    BBC you take licence payers money and then sell us out well done BBC

  16. Daniel Hipwell UNITED KINGDOM

    Stop this from happening

  17. Stephen Gayfer UNITED KINGDOM

    I think that the BBC have been a shear disgrace over such great viewings. Not impressed at all considering we the general viewers also have to pay TV Licensing!

  18. Johnathan Grey UNITED KINGDOM

    I think that this is really unfair to the people who have watched f1 for all their life on the bbc as well as the people who can’t afford to pay for sky+sky sports and many more people. We pay for tv licencing and we pay for the full bargin not just half of it. I think the bbc have gone completely out of order with MONEY!

  19. dominik blazewicz UNITED KINGDOM

    shame on you BBC!!!
    getting rid of the best thing that ever came from BBC

  20. Matthew pike

    I’m outraged at the BBC for this.

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