Investigation into the legality of the Recent BBC/SKY F1 deal

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Created September 26, 2011 by F1_Fan


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There are currently 577 signatures for this petition:

  1. d munnery UNITED KINGDOM

    The BBC have sold out the fans of F1,

  2. Simon Watson

    We have to stop this monopoly that sky has on the F1 fans and get the bbc to show the races for the fans.

  3. mr d munnery UNITED KINGDOM

    The BBC have sold out the fans of F1.

  4. jane yapp UNITED KINGDOM

    no to sky

  5. P Mitchell-Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    Nice one

  6. Catya Leroux BELGIUM

    From Belgium F1-Fans: BBC is the only channel with good comment and without commercials! We need BBC! Not Sky!

  7. Paul Reynolds GERMANY

    I pay my licence fee, I want a say!

  8. Stewart Mcghee UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep F1 free to air, if the BBC couldn’t do it for the whole season, then channel 4 or another freeview channel should share it. This move will destroy this sport I love, and I refuse to line the pockets of that criminal empire known as sky/news international.

  9. Andrew Sillis UNITED KINGDOM

    F1 is one of the UK’s biggest sports and has international appeal. It should remain completely free to air in the UK

  10. Ryan Hamilton UNITED KINGDOM

    Regardless of the budget cuts, why havent other BBC television services been dropped to keep a high level of broadcasting, Quality over Quantity!

  11. David Hales UNITED KINGDOM

    Appalling breach of its dominant position, if the BBC was unable to fulfil its contractual agreements to continue showing the races, it should have bowed out and let a fresh bid for the contract happen.

  12. Philip Oakley UNITED KINGDOM

    I pay my license fee, and so do others, so we should have a say about what the BBC do with our favourite sport. I say get Sky off!

  13. mathew fay

    Now y should I pay my license fee now f1 is not being showed in full with the BBC its one big joke and it stinks

  14. Thomas M Brunt

    So terrestrial tv looses cricket, now the only sport I could watch for free which I loved was F1! Guess what BBC go hand holding with Sky n destroy the sport! Disgusting!!!

  15. Richard Bird UNITED KINGDOM

    Outrage that on top of our standard TV license we now have to pay Sky ALSO for the privilege

  16. Stuart Turrell UNITED KINGDOM

    BBC can afford a new contract for Wimbledon but not honour their existing contract for F1?

  17. Louise Browne UNITED KINGDOM

    I love the bbc coverage of formula 1 I can’t afford to go to the races or to pay extra for sky. It is un fair to us fans not to have it on the bbc and also not to have them shown in full!

  18. Peter Bradley UNITED KINGDOM

    good luck! :)

  19. Lisa O'Kane UNITED KINGDOM

    Hope we get to watch F1 for free next year, its a shame money that this has happened….

  20. Henry Ellison UNITED KINGDOM

    DOWN WITH SKY, they’ve taken over Cricket and now F1, they must be end to this maddness!

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