Investigation into the legality of the Recent BBC/SKY F1 deal

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Created September 26, 2011 by F1_Fan


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There are currently 577 signatures for this petition:

  1. Jonny Masson UNITED KINGDOM

    A truly disgraceful move by the BBC to stifle the competition and create a situation which benefits neither the F1 fans nor the licence-fee payer generally.

  2. Edwin Wells UNITED KINGDOM

    I don’t want to see F1 on Sky EVER

  3. Henry Hervy UNITED KINGDOM

    No To Sky

  4. Sammy Judd UNITED KINGDOM

    What are the BBC playing at!
    Say no to F1 on sky

  5. Morwenna Bradshaw UNITED KINGDOM

    This is a total injustice to licence paying F1 fans.

    This cannot happen. It will ruin the sport’s popularity.

  6. Adrian Pipe UNITED KINGDOM

    I completely support keeping F1 free to air as Ecclestone has always promised us, and in the clear interests of the sport.

  7. Zef Hussain UNITED KINGDOM

    F1 on a free to air channel! The BBC do a great job!

  8. Andy Hodgson UNITED KINGDOM

    I could not afford the annual sky sports subscription if I wanted to

  9. Sean McCourt UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep it fair keep it free

  10. stephen huxley SPAIN

    formula 1 should be on normal t.v, not everyone can afford sky

  11. Tom Housden UNITED KINGDOM

    This is from a post from the petition on Facebook:

    just had the conversation with the lawyer and she agrees we have a strong argument both under UK competition law and EU law.
    She as advised us to take a few different approaches via consumer groups (Which, consumer focus ect) to have them file a super complaint on our behalf to the Ofcom.
    She as also suggested we contact the ICO commission office highlighting the lack of transparency the BBC are showing regarding the details of the deal with SKY and the serious issues gaining access to the agreement by using the Journalism clause.

    Also the BC have in place a Fair Trading Policy (Competitive Impact Policy) that should also address the impact selling off the sport to SKY against the UK Licence fee payers interests.

    She also advised we take the angle of Internet & mobile access limitations if the SKY exclusive races are also blocked from the BBC streaming and mobiles on these weekends as the EU feel strongly about this.

    Also MP are an important aspect and we need to get more MP’s to request an investigation into the legality of this deal.

    But most importantly she believes this deal breaks both UK and EU competition law :)

    and advises us NOT TO GIVE UP !!!!! as we have a legitimate argument

  12. Di Mitchem

    Do not want or can afford Sky, F1 should and has to be FTA….to enable all its fans to enjoy.

  13. mark tidman UNITED KINGDOM

    I like hundreds of thousands of f1 fans can not afford sky tv and do not want to line Murdoch’s corrupt pockets anyway. also this deal was not necessary and i believe the BBC set the deal up to prevent a rival free to air station from obtaining the rights. myself and millions of British people that love F1 have been adversely affected by this deal and feel it should be investigated as the deal is not in the interests of the public

  14. Sharon Costello UNITED KINGDOM

    No to Sky

  15. James Gender UNITED KINGDOM

    No to Sky

  16. Steve Steveson UNITED KINGDOM

    No to Sky

  17. Bob Jenkins UNITED KINGDOM

    No to sky

  18. Joanna Aird UNITED KINGDOM

    Please keep F1 “free” to view. I already pay a license fee to BBC and have no choice about that – I simply cannot afford a Sky Sports subscription (or any other Sky subscription) as well – nobody is more short of funds that your average viewer believe me!

  19. Diane Mitchem

    Did not receive a confirmation e-mail so trying again

  20. Stephen Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    Not a good deal for anyone.

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