Investigation into the legality of the Recent BBC/SKY F1 deal

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Created September 26, 2011 by F1_Fan


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There are currently 577 signatures for this petition:

  1. Em Collins UNITED KINGDOM

    No to Sky

  2. margie kennedy UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep f1 on the bbc

  3. Lindsay Yeoman UNITED KINGDOM

    keep F1 with the bbc! They’ve done an amazing job

  4. David Painter

    I have just cancelled my SKY subscription as a small way of showing my disgust

  5. Paul Melton UNITED KINGDOM

    the only tv i watch so what am i paying my licence fee for

  6. Paul Melton UNITED KINGDOM

    cant afford sky for a sport i love and already pay for on the bbc

  7. marianne gallagher UNITED KINGDOM

    will not pay say no to sky

  8. simon

    we want f1 on BBC not sky as i have pay my TV licence , and is not paying nothing else .

  9. marianne gallagher UNITED KINGDOM

    no to sky keep f1 free and on the bbc

  10. James Gopr UNITED KINGDOM

    For the first time in history F1 has had good coverage when it turned to the BBC. The BBC are putting loads of money into the olympics so why not F1. Why should we pay to watch a sport that is on once every two weeks!!

  11. natasha prevett UNITED KINGDOM

    its the only sport i watch and cannot justify the price of sky for it.plz plz plz dont loose it from our tv.

  12. Jonathan Casswell UNITED KINGDOM

    Sky are taking over everything, Cricket and now F1, when will it stop. I pay my TV licence already and now they want me to pay more. I wont do it. Down with Sky, you cant beat the BBC.

  13. Tracy Marshall

    Keep F1 on the BBC!! no to sky

  14. Margie Kennedy UNITED KINGDOM

    No to Sky.

  15. Pauline Jones UNITED KINGDOM


  16. Chris Hunt UNITED KINGDOM

    No to Sky. No to Murdoch. F1 for ALL license fee payers. Justice for US, the loyal fans.

  17. Will Spacerington UNITED KINGDOM

    Come On BBC lets say no to Sky!

  18. Charlie Somers UNITED KINGDOM

    Shove off Murdoch you’ve taken our cricket but you won’t take our F1

  19. gordon mcneillie UNITED KINGDOM

    agree with everything said above, and urge thOFT to take this on urgently

  20. Hugo Flock UNITED KINGDOM

    NO TO SKY!!!!!!!

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