Investigation into the legality of the Recent BBC/SKY F1 deal

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Created September 26, 2011 by F1_Fan


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  1. barry chapman UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep F1 free to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Paula Hepburn UNITED KINGDOM

    BBC why did you buy F1 from ITV only to sell to SKY? Keep F1 on terrestrial television!

  3. Steve Sharp UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep F1 on the BBC

  4. christopher bradshaw UNITED KINGDOM

    its a shame this is happening , think about the fans what cant afford sky

  5. Graham Cook UNITED KINGDOM

    There are now only 2 programmes that my household really watch so why pay for a licence and subscribe.
    The BBC are becoming more and more complacent and dropping programmes that make the BBC popular. If I could opt out of the licence rip off I would. Another nail in the BBC coffin

  6. Kunal Shah INDIA

    Guys, I am from India and hence don’t have much of a say over the BBC-Sky deal, which of course will change the way F1 is viewed by you guys and several other fans. However, I have a different view to this – why bother about BBC or SKY, can one just not broadcast races on YouTube and save everyone the trouble? Read my thoughts here – – Cheers!


    BBC gives deal sweetener to Bernie according to the Daily Mail:

  8. Lynne Bromwich

    F1 is deeply embedded in British culture. We have British teams, drivers, engineers and executives spread right across the whole sport.
    I have been watching for a long time suffering the Michael Schumacher years and the ITV years. Now it’s back where it belongs and this year the presentation has been better than ever, great team in all directions. It breaks my heart to be robbed of this.


    no to sky

  10. Graham Edwards UNITED KINGDOM

    save f1!

  11. Daniel Winter UNITED KINGDOM

    On BBC/SKY deal:

    I’m even more annoyed, firstly because it seems that the BBC won’t really save any money. They are still paying for a production team to be sent out to every race; still having the forum… The thing is, this wasn’t about money. F1 and Tennis are the only two sports that hit targets for cost per hour and cost per viewer per hour as well as viewer numbers. Rugby didn’t, yet they have extended that deal! Oh and the BBC hasn’t faced ‘cuts’, just a freeze in the amount they can charge through the license fee. Disgusting really!

    Oh, and as a result of the new deal, I bet that F1 cost per hour per viewer shoots through the roof and ruins the chance of the BBC retaining it in the future!

    I hope one day we get answers… Who made the deal? How much of a ‘saving’ is really involved?

  12. Adam Warburton UNITED KINGDOM


  13. Magnus Baird UNITED KINGDOM

    No to sky (With a small s)

  14. lisa turner UNITED KINGDOM

    no f1 no licence fee !

  15. lisa turner UNITED KINGDOM

    no F1 im not paying licence fee

  16. Christine Millar UNITED KINGDOM

    As a pensioner on the state pension I find difficulty in affording a tv licence Sky fees are quite out of the question. The BBC seems to have a Marie Anntionette approach of let them eat cake to ordinary people. They have no view of reality of living on the bread line.

  17. Alex Millar UNITED KINGDOM

    The Sky mole in the BBC must be feeling very smug about his apparent success. Let’s hope that the legal anti competitive approach is successful as we have to put paid to these Sky business practises. Out of principal I will not buy a News International/Sky product. We are at last seeing what the Australian has been up to with the phone hacking exposure. The senior Australian did not even have the decency to honour his home country when wanting to buy into the American media market, he just changed his spots. We are just now seeing the lengths to which they will go.

  18. mather UNITED KINGDOM

    the F1 should not go to ppv as its a national sport result I will watch my last F1 in Brazil and not bother next year at all after 30+ years

  19. james bernardi UNITED KINGDOM

    l dont normally visit bloggs etc and dont know where l have been for the last few months but the announcement on sunday regarding highlights of next years coverage and the deal with sky was a complete shock to me. l have always loved motor sport for as long as l can remember l dont have a massive income so paying to watch f1 on sky is out of the question as for the fans its another time their loyalty has been ignored again in favour of a fast buck its a pity a few drivers couldnt get behind this surely millions of fans voices cant be ignored again.

  20. anna weightman

    No to sky

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