Investigation into the legality of the Recent BBC/SKY F1 deal

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Created September 26, 2011 by F1_Fan


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  1. Barry Wheadon UNITED KINGDOM

    Whats the point of the BBC receiving our license money and waste it on horrible shows rather than their good coverage of F1, before sky butcher it to pieces.

  2. Dhiraj Ravindran AUSTRALIA

    A big NO to the BBC/Sky F1 deal. This needs to be nipped in the bud before this becomes a worldwide trend with F1 coverage.

  3. Terry Mullen

    Absolute disgrace

  4. Peakaboot BELGIUM

    Yet again a money grabbing exercise; when will enough people say enough is enough.

  5. Mark Picton UNITED KINGDOM

    I feel cheated by this deal.

  6. joe Tanner UNITED KINGDOM

    Disgusting deal brokered by the BBC with the sole intention to stop any other FTA channel being able to show F1. Absolutely conceited and a slap in the face to all the fee payers.

  7. Roy Clarke

    Sky+ = Pay+

  8. Barry Holt UNITED KINGDOM

    Very disappointed with the BBC and not moving to a sky subscription just for one sport when everything else with out sky is more than enough.

  9. Tom Housden UNITED KINGDOM

    This is another issue that will make the public question why we pay the licence fee. I expected much better from our national broadcaster!
    Also, the head of BBC Sport said that this is in the interest of fans! How? Tell us that BBC! This is not playing fair. It is disgusting behaviour – even though I love the coverage, I’d be quite happy to see the BBC stripped of their half of the deal, and it go to Ch4, just as punishment! You don’t see ITV keeping the Champions League if they are outbid by someone else – they’d like to keep it, but they don’t scupper other channel’s bids!

  10. Richard Walsh UNITED KINGDOM

    This deal is a travesty for F1 and all its fans

  11. Andrew Jackson UNITED KINGDOM

    This deal must be reviewed

  12. Kenneth Spencer UNITED KINGDOM

    Cannot even get Sky because of trees

  13. Peter Roberts UNITED KINGDOM

    No comment

  14. Alison Morgan UNITED KINGDOM

    I utterly fail to see how forcing people to pay to view is “in the interest of fans”. Why did the BBC block C4′s bid?

  15. Jason Powell UNITED KINGDOM

    The Bbc can shove there licensing fee, I am lucky in the fact I have sky but they don’t understand that people arnt as lucky and can’t afford it! If theu really had the intrest of the fans they wouldent of made this desiction

  16. Jose M. Horrillo UNITED KINGDOM


  17. Nick Bailey

    F1 has always been one of the key UK free to air national sporting events with BBC and ITV competing for the rights. Last time BBC beat ITV in their bid and NOW a year or so after winning the bid they sub license their commitment by bringing Sky and pay per view into the equation.

    This is totally wrong! BBC should be made to fulfill their original contract obligations, which included FREE LIVE coverage on TERRESTIAL TV. If they can’t do this ITV should be allowed to.

  18. neil owen UNITED KINGDOM

    shouldn’t be allowed to go to sky

  19. C Woodland UNITED KINGDOM

    Absolutely disgusting!

  20. Mark Carr UNITED KINGDOM

    This deal with Sky is an utter disgrace!

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