Let Accident Victims Keep Their Compensation

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Created November 25, 2010 by Nicholas


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  1. susan bellamy stilton UNITED KINGDOM

    nhs at fault again.why do i need to suffer through their negligence.

  2. Adam Godfrey Ivybridge UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree with the petition, let the victims keep what is due to them

  3. Patricia Roberts Llandudno Junction UNITED KINGDOM

    Justice should at last be seen to be done.

  4. Craig Busst Birmingham UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Patricia Waters West Norwood UNITED KINGDOM

    An accident is bad enough, but to hurt you further by taking compensation away is simply adding insult to injury. People in power, being greedy, will always sit and think of ways to bleed you dry whenever they can, that's why this country is in the state that it's in.

  6. paul jackman st helens meseyside UNITED KINGDOM

    i had a stent put in my heart and thay put the wrong 1 in and blocked off my heartrey now i have been told he is nothing thay can do for me and part of my heart is dead so i dont no wear to turn mr pjackman

  7. Leigh Cossey Ealing NEW ZEALAND
  8. Amanda Richards Newtownards UNITED KINGDOM

    Nice to see someone fighting for people that really deserve compansation,

  9. Paula MacArthur Ashtead UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Ifti Ahmed UNITED KINGDOM
  11. John Whitewood Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Julian Oldfield Kingston-upon-Thames UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Pauline Cox Preston UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Ed Wegorzewski Bradford UNITED KINGDOM

    A completely shameful attack on the rights of innocent victims, from the man who thinks we've never had it so good. Disgraceful how governments have continued to sidestep the Law Commission's recommendations from TEN YEARS ago that recommended that the traditionally low level of general damages awarded should go up by between 50 to 100 per cent, yet can't wait to rush in measures to make deductions from the scandalously low levels of injury compensation, further penalising innocent victims and lining the pockets of insurers.

  15. Angela Kemp Shipley UNITED KINGDOM

    This proposal just seems so wrong…

  16. Lyndsay wegorzewski Bradford UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Phil Clegg Burnley UNITED KINGDOM

    I'm asking all my solicitors to engage their clients to support the AJAG campaign and I'm happy to support your campaign.

  18. shaun richards morden

    i had a car accident 8 yrs and was sent home with a broken neck a solicitor took my case for nedical neglect and after 3 yrs told me i did not have a case and then 8 yrs after my accident i found out i had brain damage but still i cant sue the hospital where is the justice for this,

  19. john ibbotson Leeds UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Andrew Farley Manchester UNITED KINGDOM
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