Let Accident Victims Keep Their Compensation

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Created November 25, 2010 by Nicholas


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There are currently 177 signatures for this petition:

  1. COLIN shepherd Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  2. kathryn shillcock southampton UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Samantha Davey Wivenhoe UNITED STATES
  4. susan driver lancashire UNITED KINGDOM
  5. June Simpson Dunfermline UNITED KINGDOM

    If negligence can be proved then the payment needs to be sufficient to cover costs and be of some remuneration for the malpractice.

  6. philip hill wednesbury UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Judith Brailli Reading UNITED KINGDOM
  8. William Macdonald Forres UNITED KINGDOM

    I beleive that the costs incurred by all compensation claims which are successful should be covered by the losing side and all claimants should keep 100% of the compensation granted to them.\\r\\n\\r\\n

  9. Haroon Mahmood Birmingham UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Trevor McDermott Falkirk UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Ruta Sabuliene london UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Sarah Maxwell Westmancote UNITED KINGDOM
    • Ray Bannerman UNITED KINGDOM

      Seems like another way for the government to screw the working man.

  14. Dawn Reed Bedford
  15. julie ramsay glasgow UNITED KINGDOM


  17. eric renshaw


  18. Claire Karamadzanis UNITED KINGDOM

    They take enough of our money as it is and now they’re trying to take money that we have rightfully won as something unjust has been inflicted on us, and for what? To feed and help out other nations debt? Even though we’re apparently in so much debt? Do me a favour. David Cameron wants my money he has to ask me for it himself.

  19. aisha el-fallah UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree and am signing and hope you can stop this

  20. carol kowrach UNITED KINGDOM

    I think it is a total disgrace and just another way to rob people of money.

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