Save Brent libraries from closure

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Created January 25, 2011 by Stephen


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  1. Pete Firmin Kilburn UNITED KINGDOM

    Let's not argue for one library against others – keep them all!

  2. Timothy Jones Wembley UNITED KINGDOM

    R-Real knowledge
    R-Real info
    Y-You need to save the libraries

  3. rakayda callender-hamden london UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Poonam Bhatt Wembley UNITED KINGDOM

    This is terrible.

  5. Rivelino Siqueira Wembley UNITED KINGDOM

    This is a Preposterous idea

  6. Ying Lai Poon Wembley UNITED KINGDOM

    Save Preston Road Library. A much valued, useful community facility.

  7. Dayanna Ocana UNITED KINGDOM

    If you close down libraries you will close the windo of our imagination.

  8. Anthony Moore Wembley UNITED KINGDOM

    libraries are essential

  9. Caroline Leonetti Paris FRANCE

    Save libraries from closure!\r\nThey are important for the community, and books are essential for people's life.\r\n

  10. Fiona Murphy Wembley UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Jay Pearson Tottenham UNITED KINGDOM

    Save it otherwise we'll all cry!

  12. lageiste maud paris FRANCE

    Save libraries, save culture, save diversity !

  13. rety aurelien Pontoise FRANCE

    Closing libraries is like burning books, a crime.

  14. nalini kotecha cricklewood UNITED KINGDOM

    Nice little library.For mum with childrens to come to. Most of them have a very small flat so the children are very small place to do any homework or sit in the corner to read a book.Library is used by middle class. so please think what it will do to middle class , in a long run.

  15. Andrew Woska Kenton UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Robert Blackman Wembley Park UNITED KINGDOM

    The Labour Party have been trying to close these libraries for more than 20 years.They were beaten in the 1980s. They were stopped in 2006. Now the public must strongly oppose this plan. This plan is nothing new. It is nothing to do with current spending. It is about decimating the libraries so that the Civic Centre library becomes attractive!

  17. Mitun Khatri UNITED KINGDOM

    I have only begun coming to the Neasden and Willesden libraries this past month but in this short time I have seen how important they are to so many people. I have seen Adult classes taking place in Neasden library teaching and giving predominantly adults from overseas help in learning English and becoming productive members of society which I fear may no longer continue if it was to close. I have seen mother and baby classes taking place in Willesden library giving new mothers support at a time when they most need it. I have seen children working hard in the libraries; doing homework and revision for exams. Many of these children probably don't have a quiet area to work at home or even the work space. \r\nThese libraries provide alot of support for alot of people and I believe they will be sorely missed and getting rid of them will be to the detriment of the community.

  18. Peter Campbell Chessington UNITED KINGDOM

    Sad too see Brent libraries closing. They were really important to me when I was a child growing up in Wembley.

  19. Ben Pinches Harrow UNITED KINGDOM
  20. amy redston

    Once again it is those who have the quietest voice who are targeted first.

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