Let Accident Victims Keep Their Compensation

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Created November 25, 2010 by Nicholas


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  1. Nicholas Jervis Nailsea UNITED KINGDOM

    There is no need to change the current system.

  2. Paul Howe Nailsea UNITED KINGDOM

    We need to ensure that the system that is employed not only provides access to justice but also access to full compensation.

  3. Emma Jervis Nailsea UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Damien Furlong
  5. Rachel Sinton Newbury UNITED KINGDOM
  6. James Chapman UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Emma Cross UNITED KINGDOM
  8. John Richardson Bangor UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Maja Vuchkovksa London UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Dani Boskovic London UNITED KINGDOM
  11. A Knight

    Lord young wants to ban Claims Management Companies offering a cash incentive or other incentive to potential customers. Ok, there are many firms out there so firstly how are businesses supposed to compete? Secondly, when a claimant goes to a claims firmthe panel solicitor rigourously makes checks to see if the claimant is genuine and will have a genuine case, its not as lord Young believes a case of bribing someone with cash to sue an innocent party for compensation.
    The most important part Lord Young does not realise is that a cash incentive from a claims firm could be the difference between someone losing or keeping their job, paying their rent etc after having an accident! EG Mr Smith has a car crash, its not his fault! however his motor insurance excess is £250!! Yes he can cliam it back, but he doesnt have it up front, he cant get his vehicle repaired, he cannot go to work!! A cash incentive from a claims firm would get him back on the road! Mr Jones, had an accident, lost his job and is in rent arrears, the accident wasnt his fault! A small cash incentive can assist him. Small cash incentives to a claimant after having an accident that was not their fault, yet paying the price of it can make a big difference. Claims firms are not stupid! Solicitors are not stupid! They know the genuine from the players!!so what would Lord Young have them do? Visit a loan shark perhaps, sell all their posessions? This mans report is ficticious and without foundation and to deny a claimant their compensation is way out of order.

    Im very surprised this is the only petition against his report.

    The Ministry of Justice are trying to implement his suggestions as early as December 2010!!

    Surely our voice should be heard!

  12. Sue Millen Nailsea UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Jonny Davies London UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Annabelle Cliffe London UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Amy Steadman Chalfont St Peter UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Emma Heley London UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Amy Humphreys Haywards Heath UNITED KINGDOM
  18. David Brookes Loughton UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Jo McGillivray London UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Laura Thomas UNITED KINGDOM
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