British taxpayers should not have to pay for a euro bailout of Ireland

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Created November 16, 2010 by Matthew


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There are currently 2159 signatures for this petition:

  2. Robert Gould UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Martin Edwards Reading SPAIN

    This is insanity on top of insanity.

  4. Michael Wood Lampeter UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Lesley Green Allhallows UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Barry James Knutsford UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Ben Nicholson Salfords UNITED KINGDOM

    This government has betrayed the British people by refusing to hold its promised referdum on membership of the European Union. Now it is flagrantly going against the will of the British people in attempting to prop up a currency system that we would like to see ended. The present government and the last one are against the people of this country.

  8. David Mansfield Christchurch UNITED KINGDOM

    If Cameron was as clever as he thinks …get this Euro business put to the country way or the other!for the first time in thirty years I didn't vote Tory at the last election and I wont do again till I am give a chance to vote on our Euro membership !!

  9. Matthew Mills Folkestone UNITED KINGDOM

    Support Ireland – but to leave the single currency.

  10. David Martin Belfast UNITED KINGDOM

    Can you please explain why Northern Ireland, an integral part of the United Kingdom, is not included in your list of regions?

  11. Fleur Wimborne Canberra, Australia AUSTRALIA

    The E.U. needs Brirain alot more than Britain needs the E.U. Let's get out now while we still can!!

  12. D Gregory Derbyshire UNITED KINGDOM

    At what stage of our demise will you actually " vote for change " ?

  13. Nicholas Reed Langen Oxford UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Michael Withers Lytham st. Annes UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Alexander Monk Gorleston UNITED KINGDOM

    Although I can see the point in trying to help Ireland, as they are a large part of Britain's exporting, I feel it's ridiculous that £7bn of our money, when serious cuts are being made, should be used to bail out a failed project.

    We should offer Ireland to leave the EU and the Euro immediately.


  16. Derek Hanney Trowbridge UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Richard Parker UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Ruman Ahmed London UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Henry Burton London UNITED KINGDOM
  20. jeff lockhart doncaster UNITED KINGDOM

    The Euro is dead – it's been a lie from first to last – vested interests are all thats left = why should the people pay ?

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