British taxpayers should not have to pay for a euro bailout of Ireland

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Created November 16, 2010 by Matthew


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There are currently 2159 signatures for this petition:

  1. Jose Meireles Graca Guimaraes, Portugal

    I subscribe to these views even though I'm not an English citizen.

  2. Hilda Peake Cheshire
  3. Peter Hulme Cross UNITED KINGDOM

    The £7 billion we propose to lend to Dublin is equivalent to all the cuts we’re making in welfare. It’s around £300 for every household in Britain. This is not really about bailing out Ireland. It’s about bailing out the euro. And the whole reason why we didn’t want to join the euro in the first place was to avoid exactly this problem. We don’t want to be part of a European debt union.

  4. Patricia Coulthard Canberra Australia AUSTRALIA


  5. Adrian Chapman Milton Keynes UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Robert Morrell Invergordon UNITED KINGDOM

    The Government has wasted enough of my hard-earned money bailing the banks out, without throwing more down the tubes bailing out Ireland.

  7. Stuart Cullen Glasgow UNITED KINGDOM

    Bring Ireland into Sterling.

  8. William Ferguson Bangor UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Andrew Boord Taunton
  10. David Thomson Winchester
  11. Richard Hicks Bristol UNITED KINGDOM

    Pull out Ireland and come back to us. We're not Europeans and never will be. We are an island race same as you.

  12. Malcolm MacLellan Potton UNITED KINGDOM

    Charity must always begin at home!

  13. Stuart Cook Cardiff UNITED KINGDOM
  14. gillian roseg Bedford UNITED KINGDOM
  15. David Craggs Chester UNITED KINGDOM
  16. C Derrick Bristol UNITED KINGDOM

    The UK doesnt have money to lend. This is simply a crafty scheme to keep the Euro project alive at all costs….even if it means destroying nations and people's lives in the process. Be awake and be aware.

  17. Charles Craig South Woodford UNITED KINGDOM

    It makes more sense for the Republic to link up with Sterling!

  18. Ryszard Wegrzyn UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Christopher Kennedy Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Terence Powell York UNITED KINGDOM
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