British taxpayers should not have to pay for a euro bailout of Ireland

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Created November 16, 2010 by Matthew


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  1. Alexander Jamieson Stamford UNITED KINGDOM

    The Euro and the Eu are a disaster and should not be propped up, they should be allowed to disintegrate.

  2. Veronica Corry Chatham UNITED KINGDOM
  3. john clare milton keynes UNITED KINGDOM

    stop giving our countrys money away

  4. Ronald Lamb Gillingham UNITED KINGDOM

    this is not just about a one to one donation – there are all the other monies to be added on – anyway the Irish wanted the euro now they have it – the old saying "make your bed now lay on it " with this money we can have planes and our carries.

  5. Ian Banks Aylesbury UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Denis Barton Hayes, Midlesex UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Carol Riley Dukinfield UNITED KINGDOM

    Membership of the EU is an act of treason against the British people. Any and all of its diktats are therefore illegal.

  9. Freda Stevens Amersham UNITED KINGDOM

    We should not have to support the euro since we are not in the euro zone. We should not help delay the collapse of a failing system.

  10. Kevin Hughes London UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Donald Pankhurst Sittingbourne UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Stephen Justice UNITED KINGDOM
  14. robin bishop newton abott UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Helge Myhre Netherton UNITED KINGDOM

    I would like to see euro

  16. christopher hampson pebworth UNITED KINGDOM

    To hell with the eec and euro!The sooner we get out of this dire organisation the better,although i think it will fall apart at the seams before we do.only blessing is we are not part of the euro currency.

  17. Hywel McGarra UNITED KINGDOM
  18. David Buckley UNITED KINGDOM

    If we have run out of money where are we getting the extra money to bail out Ireland? Either we are broke or we are not broke which is it???

  19. Adrian Romilly Plymouth UNITED STATES

    The loan is being made to help sustain the Euro and the EU project; our political class will, once again, not hesitate to sacrifice Britain's interests in order to save the European State the construction of which they have devoted their energies for these past 50 years.

  20. Patricia Almond Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM

    When will politicians start listening to we mugs who pay their wages?

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