British taxpayers should not have to pay for a euro bailout of Ireland

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Created November 16, 2010 by Matthew


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  1. Anna Playle Codicote UNITED KINGDOM

    We're nopt in the Eurozone. If the Irish hadn't been forced to vote again to get the desired result we wouldn't be in this mess. If we bail out Ireland, we will be roped in for Portugal, Spain et al. Where is the money coming from considering our own parlous financial position?

  2. margaret ryan York UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Kevin Algar Ipswich UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Steven Squires Solihull UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Gary Jarrold Hythe UNITED KINGDOM
  6. john fallon chesterfield UNITED KINGDOM

    why aren't we penalising the Icelanders for their default

  7. Margaret Mansfield Croydon UNITED KINGDOM
  9. kevin mendham mablethorpe UNITED KINGDOM

    when will we get vote on the referendum ? we could solve this country's debt problem overnight by getting out of the EU and closing all borders to eveyone for at least 5 years ……….drastic i know but it has to happen , so we can get this country back to where it should be

  10. Natalie Fallon Kettering UNITED KINGDOM

    No comment needed?!

  11. Barry Thomas Sleaford UNITED STATES

    It's about time that we looked after ourselves in lieu of spraying our money around the world – getting out of the EU would save many many billions – this country would be better off.

  12. Michael Starling Shrewsbury UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Dewi Treharne Loughborough
  14. Geoffrey Cavender Milton Keynes UNITED KINGDOM

    We should not be bailing out the Euro

  15. Bruce Fletcher Stronsay UNITED KINGDOM

    The euro is "broken" and we should not prop it up

  16. jonathan halbert ashbourne UNITED KINGDOM

    The sooner we dump the EU, the better.

  17. Peter Stevens Christchurch UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Virginia McNab Bristol UNITED KINGDOM

    I totally agree -. We should not prop up the Irish economy. They made no provision during the time of plenty. Generous pensions for the elderly and very generous pay in the public sector!!!!!!!!!! The Irish population were more or less forced to join the Euro zone.

  19. Noel Baptiste Milford-on-Sea UNITED KINGDOM

    There can only be one solution for the UK – leave the EU asap,restore self-government and so save about £100 million p.a.

  20. Robert Moore Southend-on-Sea UNITED KINGDOM
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