British taxpayers should not have to pay for a euro bailout of Ireland

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Created November 16, 2010 by Matthew


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There are currently 2159 signatures for this petition:

  1. greg mcnulty UNITED KINGDOM
  2. james clark cardigan UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Joe Santoro Bolton UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Jake Bryan New Alresford UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Colin Davenport Harrogate UNITED KINGDOM

    I wholeheartedly agree. The labour Party had no authority for agreeing we should join EU countries in contributing, particularly when we are doing so separately.

  6. John Fifield Northwich UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Richard Leigh Northwich UNITED KINGDOM
  8. James Crocker UNITED KINGDOM
  9. andrew suter ampleforth UNITED KINGDOM

    this nation which lost so much fighting for its independence in the 2oth centuary is about to give up its nationhood to a bunch of federalists at the stroke of a pen !

  10. Richard Dale Stratford UNITED KINGDOM

    Help Ireland, yes; help Ireland's Euro, or any Euro at all, no.

  11. Oliver Marsh Oxford UNITED KINGDOM

    Hannan for PM.

  12. Sam Finch Kenilworth UNITED KINGDOM
  13. r simpson pontefract UNITED KINGDOM

    Why should our country bail out other countries when we have to borrow the money ourselves to give the irish it. nobody helped us out, we have had tax rises and cuts which is nothing to do with an honest working taxpayer who has had yet three weeks sick leave in his 38 working career. thank you

  14. David Stride Winchester UNITED KINGDOM

    It may be too late now, but this decision is an appalling misjudgement and simply prolongs the agony of an unworkable relationship

  15. Alan Sweet Belfast UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Alexander Marshalsey Orton, Fochabers UNITED KINGDOM

    The EU will stop at nothing to make the Euro work as the Golden Trough is too hard to leave, but it will make no difference in the end, it is inevitable that the Euro will collapse, and the sooner the better. Once it's gone, then hopefully the whole corrupt EUSSR will follow.

  17. Bruce Robb Malvern UNITED KINGDOM

    All that blood to be "free". Now we know how little valued that freedom was.

  18. Barbara Evans TONYPANDY
  19. Anthony and Mavis Wiltshire Pavenham, Beds UNITED KINGDOM

    Would the Irish help us – I don't think so. Could we please send back all the Irish Gypsies – they have enough houses over there – let them help.

  20. charles soper London
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