British taxpayers should not have to pay for a euro bailout of Ireland

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Created November 16, 2010 by Matthew


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  1. Matthew Hogg Herne Hill UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Neil Tate Bridlington UNITED STATES

    We should not be bailing any other country out until such a time we are finacially stable in this country

  3. william alexander burnley UNITED KINGDOM
  4. John Kiely London UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep trading with them but we have got to get out of the EU.

  5. David Martin Belfast UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Thomas Howell Leeds UNITED KINGDOM

    This is not about propping up a failing euro economy; German Eurocrats have been in Ireland mandating expenditure of the bailout on it's investments to stop the contagion spreading to Germany and keep the EU project alive when it has so desperately failed.

    Our politicians betray us by pretending otherwise and subjecting us to further debt and selling our children into bonded labour.

  7. Frank Harrison Guisborough UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Ken Barrett Bexleyheath THAILAND
  10. William Shuttleworth
  11. Duncan Pauly Nr Corsham UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Desiree Newark Hassocks UNITED KINGDOM

    Feel very angry that this should even be considered

  13. Alex Smith Dagenham UNITED KINGDOM


  14. Vanessa Crichton London UNITED KINGDOM

    Why should we bail out the Irish banks? We already own most of the English ones, I would rather give this money to the Irish people.

  15. malcolm hopkins bridlington UNITED KINGDOM

    this government is in too much debt as it is, they cannot or will not give the council workers a pay rise (but they can bail out ireland) to me that's just being two faced.

  16. Arthur Sallis Bury StEdmunds UNITED KINGDOM
  17. peter Marley-Shaw Poole UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Nicholas Rogers Wrexham UNITED KINGDOM

    I urge everyone to sign the Daily Express "Get Britain out of the EU campaign."

  19. david williams Chiclana de la Frontera SPAIN

    Why? Sooner were out the better.

  20. Gordon Norrie Dunbar UNITED KINGDOM
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