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Created February 10, 2011 by Mike


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  1. Matt Jenkins Poole UNITED KINGDOM

    No to the new marina

  2. Sandra Downton Poole

    Please don't ruin Hamworthy Park by taking away this wonderful natural facility used by so many including me and my grandchildren

  3. Roger Downton Poole

    It just should not be happening to this beautiful place.

  4. Chris Philips Brampton UNITED KINGDOM

    Please do consider all users and the wildlife not just yacht owners. Poole is renowned for windsurfing/kiting and it would be a disaster to loose it.

  5. Thomas Tilsed Poole UNITED KINGDOM

    PHC's idea to make money with not much thought about anything else.Pushing all the yachts off The Quay and into Marina's has destroyed it's character and nightlife. Well done PHC!

  6. Michael Harry Wimborne Minster UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Paul Stock Wadhurst UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Colin Gorham Southend UNITED KINGDOM

    This is a great location for windsurfing, so I say no to the proposal.

  9. Jillian Jobson Truro UNITED KINGDOM

    Having stayed in hamworthy this Spring my husband enjoyed a walk around Hamworthy park and thought it was a wonderful assest to the area. We could not believe a marina could be allowed to destroy what this site offers. During our stay the park was in constant use by all ages. A marina would change all that, destroy the peace and alter the whole wonderful nature of the area.

  10. Chris Black Poole UNITED KINGDOM

    The harbour cannot cope with more marinas on the shoreline and liners passing through

  11. John higgins Corfe Mullen UNITED KINGDOM

    if this development goes aheed Poole will no longer be a beautiful place. Once the beauty of the harbour is gone it can never be replaced

  12. Mike Cooke Bristol UNITED KINGDOM

    Windsurfed from Hamworthy at the weekend for the first time – really hope I can come back!

  13. Monica Clark Hillingdon

    This will be the end for windsurfers!

  14. Caroline Thomas Hamworthy UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Richard Thomas Poole UNITED KINGDOM

    If the government need to cut back on spending, why waste £25m on further developing an already overdeveloped area of our beautiful british coast?

    Personally, I prefer the aesthetics of the historical area around Poole, and the views of Brownsea Island (Where the scouting movement began) from Hamworthy.

  16. Karen Rosher Staines UNITED KINGDOM

    We have spent many,many happy days at Hamworthy Park,watching our children crab-fish, and play on the beach. It is sad that other young families won't be able to enjoy this priviledge. This Marina must not happen.

  17. Wayne Weedon Hamworthy, Poole UNITED KINGDOM

    This proposed development would be a travesty to the area. It's obviously all about profit, and I seriously doubt much revenue would make it into the local economy. Is ruining the Quay not enough damage already PHC?

  18. Stuart Linsley Spetisbury UNITED KINGDOM

    This ill-conceived marina plan will have a huge impact on the peace and beauty of the area. It will also completely ruin the area for the many people who use Hamworthy Park for watersports, myself included. Poole is world renowned as a fantastic windsurfing mecca, but a marina such as the one described would severely dent this image. I am against it.

  19. Linda Chatterton Poole UNITED KINGDOM

    This proposal would ruin Hamworthy Park and beach not to mention the increase in traffic along blandford road. Poole harbour is a special place and should be protected from such development.

  20. Marilyn Chatterton Poole UNITED KINGDOM

    How can anyone consider spoiling this beautiful harbour for purely commercial gain?

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