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Created February 10, 2011 by Mike


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  1. davide magagna UNITED KINGDOM

    There is little place that has yet to be ruined by concrete…Why would you want to ruin this one? get real and get the ferry somewhere else

  2. Hermione Pearson UNITED KINGDOM

    Im against this!

  3. Sam Manning

    poole harbours fragile ecology is already under threat from the already intensifying cruise liner & fishing industries, building this marina would not only threaten local recreation but contribute to an unsustainable degradation of the unique haven for wildlife that poole harbour represents. in the interest of environmental protection I appose this plan.


    Yes, this project may create some jobs short term, but will lose more long term considering our area is focused on Watersports, with many local business relying on it for trade.

  5. Sarah Hobbs

    Cui bono?

  6. Jon Hammond

    No Thanks

  7. kELLY


  8. kELLY


  9. lynsey stuart UNITED KINGDOM

    There’s too much to lose with this project. No thanks!

  10. nigel couzins UNITED KINGDOM

    …another marina? why? too make money that’s why, making the harbour for the chosen (well heeled few) and not the majority…awful idea.


    No thanks!!

  12. Martin Wright UNITED KINGDOM

    This development is really inappropriate and would prevent or hinder access for many other water users.

  13. Bluebell Martin UNITED KINGDOM

    no thanks

  14. Martin Wright UNITED KINGDOM

    No thanks

  15. Dan

    Totally unnecessary, will only benefit a few very rich. It will spoil a fantastic area for what benefit?

  16. Paul Radford UNITED KINGDOM

    Why do this and spoil what’s already nigh on perfect?

  17. Steve Jones UNITED STATES

    The harbour should be about the water not the houses. Please modify this plan to allow the harbour to continue as a WATER destination for ALL users

  18. Steven orton UNITED KINGDOM

    It would be a blot on a beautiful natural region to have a new marina, and in an Olympic year to have anything which will negatively impact on sporting involvement must be reviewed.

  19. Tom Kranz UNITED KINGDOM

    This disadvantages smaller sailors on windsurfers and dinghies. There’s already problems with existing occasional watercraft users in larger vessels not understanding and respecting the rights of way rules on the water

  20. Richard Moyse

    No way. One of the best water sports ocations on the south coastwould be ruined. Not a Nimby but go and build elsewhere.

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