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Created February 10, 2011 by Mike


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  1. Mike Hammer UNITED KINGDOM

    Funny how local councils consider giving planning permission to things like this, but when somebody in the middle of know where on the edge of a field wants to put up a little hut or yurt, its ‘the strong arm of the law’? We all put up with it……. LOL x

  2. Rob Anderson UNITED KINGDOM

    I oppose the marina construction.


    Please do not build this as Surfers & beach users will be devastated.


    Keep the views of the harbour from Hamworthy


    Another development for the rich to use and the ordinary ocean lovers will suffer!

  6. Elliott Greenman UNITED KINGDOM

    Dont ruin our coastal views!

  7. Helen Ruby UNITED KINGDOM

    No marina. Let the rich people keep their yachts in the tax havens (Monaco etc.). Ordinary people first. The rich don’t own the sea!!!

  8. steve crawford UNITED KINGDOM

    The rights of water users need to be respected when any new development is considered. Big money projects like these seem to take a very narrow minded view when planning them and show less care than they should about historic water use.

  9. Sam GERMANY

    Not another marina… there are plenty… what happened to the old anchor?

  10. Steve Chambers UNITED KINGDOM

    the noise and distruption caused by this marina will have a detrimental effect on the area and the people , the extra traffic and poluttion will aslo affect the residnts

  11. Sarah Clark

    It will no doubt be a nice development for the few who are rich enough to take advantage but will end the hobbies of hundreds of people who have been using this area for years, and enjoying the freedoms offered by this beautiful seascape.

  12. Stephen Noyce UNITED KINGDOM

    This will be a devistating blow for local businesses as well as water users. This is a unique and beautiful place to enjoy water sports for thousands of people, which could be lost forever.

  13. Andy M. Walters UNITED KINGDOM

    I have windsurfed this site for 17 years as well as using it for walking the dog etc.
    As one of the more hardcore locals who use this site year round I would say that there is no justification for the marina project at all. Have already seen the increasing propensity to gear everything around Poole for a minority of pretentious, rich, Tim nice but dim types- and I count all the ‘snotty yachties’ amongst their number- I feel that this one place, at least, should be left for the rest of us to enjoy. It offers some of the only free parking in the area, actually allows dogs, is geared up for families to enjoy and offers some of the least restricted access anywhere around for those of us who windsurf, kayak or fish (I do all 3). Why not keep this one place sacred and let PHC get knotted…

  14. Justin Durant UNITED KINGDOM

    Wonderful sailing area that would be totally destroyed by this marina.

  15. Lorraine Durant UNITED KINGDOM

    This Marina would take away a popular and unique windsurfing location used by many people.

  16. Mark Gregory UNITED KINGDOM

    My parents used this place as a family day-out, so fond childhood memories. I am still visiting as a windsurfer and also when the wind doesn’t blow can enjoy the Park as find the locals and people visiting this place always friendly. I feel the Marina will spoil the outlook of this place and will kill off the vibe which is enjoyed by normal people. I hope the voice of the people are listened to and this idea of a Marina is well binned!

  17. Robert Iles UNITED KINGDOM

    The scheme will destroy the beauty of the park and views and effect the use of it particularly by windsurfers.

  18. david sims UNITED KINGDOM

    Hamworthy is a fabulous and beautiful windsurfing location, let’s hope that PHC see sense – thankfully it does now seem less likely that the marina proposal will happen at Hamworthy

  19. Richard Ayley UNITED KINGDOM

    Not needed by local population.


    Just cashing in for themselves , no regarded for the residents of Poole and Hamworthy.

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