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Created February 10, 2011 by Mike


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  1. Szymon Kosecki UNITED KINGDOM

    Please reconsider the development. Money is not everything.

  2. Peter Oakley UNITED KINGDOM

    Yet more concrete. And why should they even think of putting it in such a prominent position where it will ruin the view for miles.

  3. Simon Mole UNITED KINGDOM

    Not more concrete

  4. Colin Redwood UNITED KINGDOM

    The marina on the quay spoils the view. This one would spoil the view from Hamworthy. Can’t we keep the view from Hamworhty Park. Poole Habour already has plenty of marinas.

  5. Jason Gould UNITED KINGDOM

    A Marina would totaly ruin Hamworthy!
    No more concreate and univiomently friendly boats…

  6. Jason Gould UNITED KINGDOM

    A Marina would totaly ruin Hamworthy.
    No more concreate and uninviomentale friendle boats…

  7. Richard Salmon

    Thank you for representing the views of so many of us through this petition. The proposals for a new marina at Hamworthy appear to highlight the destructive nature of the unaccountable rich over the wishes and rights of local people. It is a cause truly worth fighting for.

  8. Candice Betts UNITED KINGDOM

    A fabulous windsurfing location and recreational area threatened – I’ve added my voice to “NO”.

  9. Brian Fitzpatrick UNITED KINGDOM

    Area adjacent to Hamworthy Park will become a stagnant backwater!

  10. James Cox (Big Salty Weather) UNITED KINGDOM

    The following groups of watersports enthusiasts: windsurfers, kitesurfers, kayakers, dinghy sailors are all key users of this area. The effect of the Marina will force all of these people to travel elsewhere and will destroy a very well renowned water sports location. Removing this large and loyal community will undoubtedly be to the detriment of the area, local businesses and the community as a whole and for future generations.

    This would be a very bad idea and we strongly urge you to reconsider these plans.

    James Cox, representing Big Salty Weather (bigsalty.co.uk global weather service)

  11. trevor proctor UNITED KINGDOM

    just a plain stupid idea this will spoil what i believe to be one of the best areas we have had the pleasure of visiting for the past two years


    The natural beauty of the area would be ruined and the surrounding wildlife habitats seriously impacted (all for the sake of increasing income from parking a few hundred more gin palaces) . The idea should be shelved and energy spent on less invasive ideas. Save Hamworthy for smaller sailing craft, especially windsurfers.

  13. sian cartwright-proctor UNITED KINGDOM

    how to spoil a naturel view, build something silly infront of everyone, has anyone thought about the reprocussions this will have on the enviroment
    we are forever being told to look after our planet, how can we when silly idiots come along and spoil it with more buildings.
    it wont help it will hinder the planets healing, marine life will disappear all together, then what will they do with a folly? too exspensive to pull it down so lets keep it up just remind future planners how silly they were in the first place.
    if you are not careful you will lose Poole completely.

  14. Jane Scott UNITED KINGDOM

    Being a recent convert to visiting Hamworthy for windsurfing, I agree that building a marina in this area would not enhance the area and would be a detriment to watersports enthusiasts in the area. Sandbanks has been taken over by kitesurfers, so Hamworthy is a fantastic place for windsurfers to set up and sail. It also offers a fab park for kids to play and is well used by dog walkers, kite flyers and many others.

    Please don’t let this developmetn go through.



  16. Mike Scott UNITED KINGDOM

    This development will adversely affect far more people than it would benefit. It will ruin fantastic views to Brownsea Island and Purbeck, destroy a great spot for windsurfing and other water sports and ruin a great recreation spot for local residents.
    It will also be about 500 yards from another marina – where is the demand for this?

  17. Cathy Bird

    It seems to me that our coastal beauty spots are becoming the preserve of the well heeled – i.e. cafes going upmarket, etc. Let’s leave this beautiful spot for more people to enjoy and preserve that breathtaking view.

  18. Jim Bird

    If this is built it will upset the natural tides in Poole Harbour. The effect of this is totally unknown and could seriously affect both the natural and commercial interests of the harbour. A very risky idea.

  19. Cathy Bird

    This will spoil the breathtaking views of the harbour and will reduce the general publics access to the harbour. Yet again building something for the few rather than for many.


    Why ruin one of the best family areas in Poole as I am sure there will be an impact. Put it over near millionaires row on Sandbanks and spoil their fun and view instead of hitting the little guys as usual.

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