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Created February 10, 2011 by Mike


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  1. Herve Tribouilloy Poole UNITED KINGDOM

    This proposed marina would ruin poole harbour and hamworthy beach.

  2. Chris Lewis Poole UNITED KINGDOM

    This plan is 100% driven by greed. Are there 800 yachts blocking-up Poole harbour which will also pay the inevitably inflated berth fees, I think not.\r\nVisit the sight and imagine the foto impression below and be honest with yourself and say that you are happy with such a blot destroying such a beautiful vista.\r\nMinister, do the right thing and ban this unnecessary development forever.\r\nThanks\r\nChris Lewis

  3. Lesley Skelton Poole UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Sharon Weedon Hamworthy UNITED KINGDOM

    This has to be a NO,it is a beautiful area and will be terribly spoiled. We already have huge amount of traffic and parking problems in the summer this will only add to it, the park is for all local families and visitors, not just those who own yachts and boats and possibly do not live in this area, who may not use their boats/yachts all the time. Leave it alone, leave it as it is the windsurfers do not want this either.

  5. Celia Williams Hamworthy UNITED KINGDOM

    The potential for damage to the wildlife, sporting facilities and general enjoyment of visitors is enormous – all risked for the greed of a few who stand to make money from the scheme, if successful.

  6. Dennis Williams Poolr
  7. Dion Heap Oldham UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Chris Bennett Poole

    Particularly against the marine scheme as I enjoy windsurfing from hamworthy park.

  9. Richard Nourse Wareham UNITED KINGDOM
  10. jean higgins corfe Mullen UNITED KINGDOM

    Leave things as they are forneveryone to enjoy not just the rich.

  11. B Mills Eastleigh UNITED KINGDOM


  12. Carrie Barnett UNITED KINGDOM

    Hamworthy Park is a beautiful place and good for families. It should ot be ruined by this monstrous proposal

  13. Matthew Roe UNITED KINGDOM

    Just found hamworthy ace windsurf venue say no to the marina

  14. Sarah Roe UNITED KINGDOM

    The marina would spoil the view from the park when we go and play while daddy windsurfs

  15. Michael Urry

    Poole harbour is already busy enough – let’s preserve what’s left.

  16. Ken Kirkman UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s worth stopping purely for ecological reasons.

  17. Wendy Pardy UNITED KINGDOM

    It would overcrowd and spoil the area

  18. Sam Walker UNITED KINGDOM

    Can’t be allowed to happen.

  19. June Taylor UNITED KINGDOM

    The marina on the quay spoils the view. This one would spoil the view from Hamworthy. Why should locals suffer for the sake of rich visitors?

  20. Quintilian Bonaforte NETHERLANDS

    This is purely profit over protection of the environment. The new marina would undoubtedly have an ecological impact on the shores of Arne and the islands in the harbour and if nothing else would present an eyesore in what is a beautiful area. We should be protecting areas such as Studland from the anchors of ignorant yacht captains rather than encouraging more to the area.

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