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Created February 10, 2011 by Mike


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    Why ruin one of the best family areas in Poole as I am sure there will be an impact. Put it over near millionaires row on Sandbanks and spoil their fun and view instead of hitting the little guys as usual

  2. Allan England UNITED KINGDOM

    Please add me to the petition


    Why ruin one of the best areas in poole and think of how it would change the harbour an all that live in it. what about the seals that live in the harbour.I’ve seen them + several others swimming or fish for food close to the purposed new marina site .NO TO THIS MARINA.

  4. Terry & Sandra UNITED KINGDOM

    Hands off this beauty spot! We say a big no to any such development of this area,let the rich go & play elswhere. LEAVE POOLE ALONE.

  5. David Mawer UNITED KINGDOM

    Poole harbour needs this like a third armpit. There are enough marinas dotted along the south coast. Why spoil this recreational area which is used by many kite, windsurfers and water users of all kinds with this carbuncle !!!!.. It would be a travesty if this went ahead.

  6. christopher harmer UNITED KINGDOM

    Awful idea. Please don’t wreck the harbour with yet more boats for rich people.

  7. Sean Fitzsimons UNITED KINGDOM

    There are already too many marinas in Poole. This will increase pollution and destroy windsurfing / water sports area.

  8. jamie brittain UNITED KINGDOM

    dont ruin yet another beautiful coastline….please!

  9. Graham Robert Utteridge FINLAND

    This would ruin my favourite Windsurfing location. The existing marina is already an eyesore on one of the most attrictive parks views in GB. These plans would make it so dominate it would be a real blotm and this proposal is about the worst that could be designed.

  10. Barry Richards UNITED KINGDOM

    Leave the landscape alone and stop the development.

  11. Mike Marshall UNITED KINGDOM

    Leave it alone.

  12. Cenk Albayrak UNITED KINGDOM

    Leave it as it is

  13. Steve Jonik UNITED KINGDOM

    Hamworthy is a unique spot for everyone – leave it as it is. There are better places to develop.

  14. George Faull GERMANY

    Leave it how it is.

  15. Andrew Cope UNITED KINGDOM

    Don’t do it. its not needed

  16. neil mullins UNITED STATES

    no marina needed


    The build would spoil the area for all other water users.

  18. simon pettifer UNITED KINGDOM

    drop the piano

  19. raine chambers UNITED KINGDOM

    Absolutely not it is one of the few green and pleasant waterside spots for the local community to enjoy.

  20. Steve Chambers UNITED KINGDOM

    What about the abundance of wildlfke that frequents this area.
    Are these people mad? There is so much development in the area already, surely we should not extend into the sea and few green spaces left.

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