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Created March 26, 2012 by frederick


To the British Parliament

Please stop ex naval boat H.M.S. Plymouth being cut up for scrap and the internal equipment being removed.

This boat has connections with the Falklands conflict and should be preserved for the future.

Possibly where it was built in plymouth.

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There are currently 299 signatures for this petition:

  1. f,nunn UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep the ship where she belongs

  2. Mrs Suzanne Sainsbury

    As a true Plymouthian of naval stock, please do all you can to bring HMS Plymouth back home where she was built. Thankyou!

  3. davidk UNITED KINGDOM

    A great tourist opportunity for Plymouth?

  4. Diane Cunningham UNITED KINGDOM

    Don’t let this opportunity slip away!

  5. Barry Cunningham UNITED KINGDOM

    Hiopefully not losing out again !

  6. natasha easton UNITED KINGDOM

    Support for HMS Plymouth

  7. Philip Moore UNITED KINGDOM

    HMS Plymouth should be kept as a lasting reminder of the British sacrifice during the Falklands conflict. She could also be used to train the next generation of sailors!!

  8. Geoff Davis UNITED KINGDOM

    This opportunity to promote Plymouth’s naval heritage is too good to miss.

  9. D. P. Blight UNITED KINGDOM

    Should, like the Belfast, be available to remind us of what brave men did on our behalf.


    Must keep it!

  11. Margaret Lang UNITED KINGDOM

    A great asset to Plymouth.

  12. Shanice UNITED KINGDOM

    Should stay where she belongs.


    Should be preserved for Future Generations to see.

  14. Irfon Higgins UNITED KINGDOM

    Served on the Canberra when the Plymouth was our escort ship circling us in San Carlos water,would love to visit her in plymouth

  15. Paul Newton UNITED KINGDOM

    Save HMS Plymouth from the scrapyard. I tour the ship in Birkenhead several years ago and would love to be able to again.


    There is only One place for HMS Plymouth after her ordeal at the Falklands and that Is Plymouth

  17. Mr P Barter UNITED KINGDOM

    As she was involved in the Falklands War and Plymouth is a Naval town she should be preserved for Future Generations to see here in Plymouth. She would be a great addition and attraction for the city and a fitting tribute to all those from Plymouth (and beyond) who were involved in the Falklands War.

  18. Derek Austin UNITED KINGDOM

    Once these historically important peices of history are gone they are lost forever!

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