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Created December 22, 2011 by Robert Anthony

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  1. Robert Anthony UNITED KINGDOM

    This was the site of the first Public Library in Scotland aided into existence by Andrew Carnegie £1000 and a further £1000 by public subscription from the people of Airdrie in 1894 having originally resided in Clerks office of The Town house. This building is a major part of Airdrie’s history and Social Culture and should remain rightfully as a resource to its people and a monument to their education…..

  2. Jennifer Barton UNITED KINGDOM

    I have shared on FB

    • Robert Anthony UNITED KINGDOM

      Thanks for that Jennifer, much appreciated :)

  3. Lorraine McCarroll UNITED STATES

    This shouldnt be allowed to happen. A huge part of Airdrie’s history and should be saved.

  4. Hayley Watson UNITED KINGDOM

    I personally think its disgusting to even think about ridding Airdrie of part of its history!! Already too much of the towns heritage has been slowly disappearing through the years, Airdrie was once a thriving town, they should breathe life into buildings like this and promote the town centre to make Airdrie a place people make a point in visiting! Want to make airdrie better, rid it of homeless units and addiction centres!

  5. susan bastin UNITED KINGDOM

    A disgrace

  6. Eileen Morrison UNITED KINGDOM

    This building really belongs to the people of Airdrie and therefore the coincil have no right to touch it. They tried this with the MDGH and were reminded that the land it was built on was gifted to the people of Airdrie and therefore could not build housing on it as they had proposed to do when they tried to close A&E. This is the same situation. Andrew Carnegie paid for it so surely council cannot touch it

  7. sandy leishman UNITED KINGDOM

    We have so little worth keeping, surely our town is worth this effort

  8. Amanda Dempsey UNITED KINGDOM

    When younger I was part of the Kabbage Patch Kids from Glenmavis and we put shows on in here every year. Its disgusting that a part of Airdries history may be closing :-(

  9. Samantha Leishman UNITED KINGDOM


  10. Ann Marie SmiTh UNITED KINGDOM

    Save our centre x

  11. Lesley White


  12. Aileen dalzell

    Enjoyed lots of lunches here. It also had facilities for wee people to socialise, watched many a performance in the theatre which must be quite unique, this is a destruction of a community

  13. Caroline Laing UNITED KINGDOM


  14. Geraldine Herron

    One of the few remaining historic buildings in Airdrie should be kept and put to good use!

  15. Lesley Mitchell UNITED KINGDOM

    I’m ashamed to say that I hadn’t realised that this was the original library. It would be such a shame to see it go to wrack and ruin. I hope that something can be done to save it.

  16. Julie Murrin UNITED STATES

    These buildings should absolutely be kept and transformed.

  17. Kevin Kelly

    Live in Romania now but grew up in Airdrie and I still use the library when home.

  18. Margaret Lynch UNITED KINGDOM

    The Arts Centre is a really important community resource in Airdrie – and we don’t have very many left….

  19. Margaret Lynch UNITED KINGDOM

    good luck with this

  20. Helen McManus UNITED KINGDOM

    Arts Centres are an important part of any community and they should be protected. I am a big fan of arts centres and the opportunities they offer.

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