Save Airdrie Arts Centre For Airdrie

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Created December 22, 2011 by Robert Anthony

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There are currently 109 signatures for this petition:

  2. Tracy Chalmers UNITED KINGDOM

    they don’t build them like they used to

  3. Andy Edgar UNITED KINGDOM

    we should rightly be proud that Airdrie was the first town in Scotland to sign the Free Libraries Act in 1853, and this was our first purpose built library, having been in variuos buildings in the town.

  4. Deanne Graham UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Andrew McAuley

    A local institution.

  6. Jane wood UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Karen Kimmins UNITED KINGDOM
  8. carol lindsay UNITED KINGDOM
  9. suzanne Leonard

    A historic building that could be used by the town

  10. Steve Bell UNITED KINGDOM

    Important Scottish history is being lost due to short sighted councils. Make sure this building isn’t lost & lower the name of the town of Airdrie even further.

  11. matthew morrison UNITED KINGDOM

    We are destroying to much of our local history

  12. Julie Anderson UNITED KINGDOM


  13. karen mcmahon UNITED KINGDOM

    Tragic if this building goes as well

  14. Maureen Pringle UNITED KINGDOM

    A building to be kept. Not many left.

  15. Anne Fleming

    This is at the heart of Airdrie & must be saved.

  16. Shona Mair

    My home town of Airdrie is being sadly neglected,lets not let another piece of our history be left to wreck and ruin!

  17. Alan Laird AUSTRALIA

    Historic building with a valuable use. Town hall is not an adequate replacement.

  18. Heather Gibb UNITED KINGDOM

    Do not let this terrific building be left in ruins

  19. Aileen Kirsty Young UNITED KINGDOM

    I used to work and it is a great resource for the community.

  20. Jamie Leishman UNITED KINGDOM

    With some of the eye sores about the town, it would be an absolute disgrace to tear down this building.

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