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Created December 22, 2011 by Robert Anthony

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  1. Alison Campbell UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s needed, it’s missed and it should have been treasured.

  2. John Downie UNITED KINGDOM

    With 3 High Schools in the area and now a number of primary schools all involved in specialised musical instrument tuition & drama this should be used for what it’s name suggests. The Arts. Which could result in the Town having many community based bands or orchestras etc, Music give individuals & communities pride & discipline. Revamp this building and get the schools and community groups involved in the running of it, people who are passionate about their community & the arts, not NLC employees who to them it’s just a wage.

  3. John Downie UNITED KINGDOM

    This building should remain to enhance the skills of our community, with 3 a High Schools and many of the Primary Schools now involved in specialised musical instrument tuition this building could & should be used to bring these talents all together to promote our Town and it’s many talents, including drama, these are things that would bring a bit of pride back to an area that is sadly lacking in community spirit,


    We cannot afford to be without our major cultural venue.

  5. george williamson UNITED KINGDOM

    airdrie arts centre deserves to be saved because we have to let NLC understand that the arts are extremely pooular and are a great way of social inclusion formany people.

  6. Karen Doyle UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Stephen Mullen UNITED KINGDOM

    there is enough history and heritage being taken away and ruined in Airdrie as it is.

  8. Nicola Byrne
  10. John Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    Airdrie Arts Centre is a significant building to not only Airdrie’s History but also Scotland’s History. Many local people will have happy memories of the various uses over the years, such as popping into the Gold Room for their Lunch, or attending one of the many shows or attending one of many community groups that used the building over the years. Very sad day for Airdrie when this closed.

  11. suzanne Leonard UNITED KINGDOM

    We are going to lose our towns identity and heritage !

  12. Neil McIntyre
  13. sue field UNITED KINGDOM

    Because…all libraries and historical buildings should be kept for future generations to enjoy. We should not be a throw away society.

  14. Paul Clark UNITED KINGDOM

    I took the picture shown here back in 2005. Airdrie Arts centre was Airdrie’s cultural home for many years. It played a prominent role in its history with funds initially raised via the towns folk and Andrew Carnegie (who visited it un 1905). The building was the first permanent home of Airdrie Library in 1896 until 1925 as well as Airdrie Public Observatory which both continue their roles, thanks to the Arts centre, to this very day. The building should be retained, restored and put to good use as a centre of community excellence. Once lost, it is lost forever. I’d much prefer to show it off and see it prosper, rather than tell tales of its wonderful past. Airdrie wwouldlose an institution and a friend without the Arts Centre.

  15. John T. Houston UNITED KINGDOM


  16. thomas campbell UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Graeme Hill UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Steve Bell

    Airdrie had a Library provided by Andrew Carnegie, I believe the 1st public library in Scotland. Airdrie’s town centre, heritage and pride is disappearing, don’t let this icon also disappear, help rebuild Airdrie.

  19. Janice Toner UNITED KINGDOM
  20. weemo UNITED KINGDOM

    Because enough of Airdrie has been lost to the culture destroyers

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