Save Airdrie Arts Centre For Airdrie

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Created December 22, 2011 by Robert Anthony

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There are currently 109 signatures for this petition:

  1. natalie mckee GERMANY

    an important local institution

  2. natalie mckee GERMANY

    needs saving

  3. Lorna Fletcher AUSTRALIA

    Please don’t go

  4. Lorna fletcher AUSTRALIA

    Please save!!!

  5. Sharon Lambe UNITED KINGDOM


  6. Sharon Lambe UNITED KINGDOM

    Save our historic building!

  7. Claire Stevenson UNITED KINGDOM

    I think we all have a story of when we visited as a child or adult – would be very sad if the next generation don’t get the chance to do so too…

  8. Lynn Dymock UNITED KINGDOM

    Too many buildings getting ripped down, hope this one gets saved.

  9. William Henderson UNITED KINGDOM

    Why is it that they close down all the places in the community, where the community get together. It’s disgraceful!

  10. Jim Stewart - Airdrie Museum UNITED KINGDOM

    This is not right that this should happen. Airdrie Museum supports this cause with full force and wants Airdrie Arts Centre to remain completely open. Too many things being closed in the town making it more and more empty. The attitude of the authorities should change for the benefit of the town.

  11. Lynn Baxter UNITED KINGDOM

    Please keep this beautiful building, let it continue to serve the people of Airdrie and beyond. This is part of Airdries history and should be saved and allowed to function through the generations.

  12. lynne shaw UNITED KINGDOM

    dito @william henderson

  13. Charlene McVey UNITED KINGDOM

    I remember taking part in a show on stage in here as a kid in primary, love telling my kids about it, would love for them to have an opportunity to do the same, there is no need to close down the centre at all!

  14. maurice williams UNITED KINGDOM

    History of a local area should always be saved !!!!!

  15. Andrew Durning UNITED KINGDOM

    The Airdrie Arts Centre is a wonderful venue. I’ve been going there since I was 14 years old and it was the only place I felt safe. They do need to bring it up to code for example disabled access, but I think it should be saved. Lots of drama groups have been forced to disband because of it’s closure and I for one will miss it when it’s gone :(

  16. may docherty UNITED KINGDOM

    the building should be kept for the people of airdrie…

  17. Ken MacTaggart

    Well worth saving

  18. Robert Law UNITED KINGDOM

    The arts centre is part of airdries heritage it the site of the first airdrie observatory and certinly should not be closed down

    Robert Law past curator of airdrie observatory

  19. Fiona Donald UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s so sad that such in important part of our town’s history can be allowed to go.

  20. neil mcintyre UNITED KINGDOM

    great theatre venue for smaller productions should be upgraded not closed there is virtually nothing left in airdrie time a stand was made!!!!

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