Save Heaps Mill from demolition – yards from Liverpool ‘s World Heritage Site

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Created June 24, 2014 by Maria Toolan


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There are currently 122 signatures for this petition:

  1. Maria Toolan UNITED KINGDOM

    Protecting our heritage

  2. John Rowlands

    We have lost enough of our shared heritage, and I am sure a viable scheme could be
    created to conserve at least the main shell of the building which is a local historic landmark.
    We are supposed to be coming out a recession, and the Baltic Area should be one of the key leisure and creative sites in the area, I am sure if the main building area is conserved a commercially viable use could be made of it ,let’s see some creativity in Baltic Creative Quarter

  3. Wayne Colquhoun
  4. Stuart campbell UNITED KINGDOM

    overhead railway a example of vanished history. say no more

  5. John Dever UNITED STATES


  6. Karen Moss UNITED KINGDOM

    A beautiful building which has lots of character in a thriving creative community. Such a shame

  7. Joanne Austin UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s a lovely building, part of our heritage

  8. Rachel McGuinness UNITED KINGDOM

    We need to preserve as many old building as we can. Liverpool has become a mixture of old and new and it would be too easy simply to see this building reduced to rubble. there are several examples of how these building can be brought back into use and it would be better to see that done than simply bull doze and put up a modern structure that will be soon considered out of date as soon as the next developer pins their eye on the location. we should encourage re use of buildings when ever possible.

  9. David Leese UNITED KINGDOM

    The site should be redeveloped as it is part of our heritage, not knocked down

  10. Alasdair Bruce UNITED KINGDOM

    There are too many empty flats already blighting the city centre and within 10 years, this will look dated and run down.
    More needs to be done to generate those areas outside the city.
    This monstrisity will not only dwarf the already inadequate looking flats that are there now, but also the houses of the community that has lived in the area for generations.

  11. Mark grannell UNITED KINGDOM

    One of the last remaining historic dockland buildings that deserves preserving . If it’s demolished I predict this land will end up as a fiver a day car park.

  12. Anthony Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    Availability of Historic buildings are limited and worth more than monetary value alone. They are the fabric of the city and in this case even more so when so close to the city centre/Swedish church. Makes no sense to destroy that for a ten a penny tower.

  13. Brian Dunn UNITED KINGDOM

    Had enough of this city’s history slowly get diluted……

  14. leigh cooke UNITED KINGDOM

    I think the rice mill is a part of r heritage an shud stay ther for many more years l.j.c

  15. jayne fairbrother UNITED KINGDOM

    Why knock a historical building down which is part of what made Liverpool the thriving city it is today to have more ugly glass buildings when its cheaper to renovate it.

  16. Bernadette cox UNITED KINGDOM

    they will just replace this building with another square grey characterless building like the new apartments built on St James street a grey square characterless building

  17. Elena Goodinson UNITED KINGDOM



    The rice mill is part of our heritage. Why knock it down and put apartments there?

  19. Luke Middlehurst UNITED KINGDOM

    Why can’t they convert the current building rather than knock it down?

  20. Dr Andrew Moran UNITED KINGDOM

    Great building that represents a part of Liverpool’s history and should be conserved. Would make a great living space just like many other former dockland warehouses around Liverpool.

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