Save Heaps Mill from demolition – yards from Liverpool ‘s World Heritage Site

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Created June 24, 2014 by Maria Toolan


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  1. jean Davies UNITED KINGDOM

    Decisions to sabotage landmarks such as this historical building is very shortsighted, it is time the council listened to those who have a genuine interest in the city and not to those were profit seems to be more important than preserving Liverpool’s history.


    It is important to keep our heritage.

  3. Stephen

    Preserve our heritage, it is our legacy to future generations. We are only the custodians of these buildings, they do not belong to us alone. When developers can only offer identikit steel and glass boxes as replacements, the choice really is a simple one. I wholeheartedly support this campaign to preserve a well-beloved building.

  4. simon scanlan UNITED KINGDOM

    Once it’s gone you can never get it back

  5. leah hynes UNITED KINGDOM

    This is part of our history – this has to be saved.

  6. linda clarke UNITED KINGDOM

    too many unique and old buildings in Liverpool have to lost to the bulldozers, once gone these buildings are gone for evermore
    it would be great to see this old building renovated and brought back to life instead of looking at the modern glass buildings that are prevalent everywhere in Liverpool now and are so “samey” you could literally be in any city in the world

  7. debra welbourne UNITED KINGDOM

    You need to save the architectural buildings of liverpool

  8. debra welbourne UNITED KINGDOM

    You cannot destroy such a beautiful architectural building of Liverpool.


    Liverpool is losing all its iconic buildings to foreign companies just this once lets reverse to rot

  10. Aaron Jones

    Once this building is gone we cannot get it back, this is another example of Liverpool City Council rollover attitude to developers. As an architect I find it unbelievable why you would dismiss working with such a beautiful building, and just wipe out an important piece of city fabric. You only have to look at last years Stirling Prize (Astley Castle) winner to note the benefits of working with an existing building.

  11. Dean roberts

    Enough I Say…” Destroying great buildings.
    Sometimes as humans we need to , feel an essence of time as it leaves us with a greater sense of warmth and purpose in are own lives.

  12. Alwyn Maynard UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s part of our landscape. It’s irreplaceable.

  13. Thomas Moezer UNITED KINGDOM

    1)The Heaps Rice Mill is a significant iconic structure defining the charaecter of the Neighbourhood. The demolition of which would be irreversible.
    2)The demolition would further be in breach of Liverpool city council’s own Baltic Triangle planning framework which requires the preservation of such iconic area defining buildings.
    3) The intentions of the applicant raise my doubts. The planning application is patchy, inconcrete and I am not led to believe that the developer has any intention to actually build on the site. His noumerous companies hold no assets. It seems just a case of land banking in one of Liverpools most prominent prime locations.

  14. Andrew Dawson UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s so important to maintain all aspects of the city’s architectural heritage. Mistakes like this have been made so many times in the past, and you’d hope we’d learn! Liverpool continues to grow as a tourist destination, and we should be doing more to preserve the past in order to encourage this growth in the future.

  15. Shelagh Cullity

    We need to preserve our history and landmark historic buildings not destroy them.

  16. Stuart Sharp UNITED KINGDOM

    We’ve lost enough of our heritage already. At least it’s facade ought to be maintained. Old ALONGSIDE the new working in harmony was supposed to be the way forward.

  17. Jenny Thornhill UNITED KINGDOM

    Surely proximity to the river & Albert Dock justify it being sympathetically redeveloped as part of the city’s heritage rather than another glass tower that could end up looking as ugly as those horrendous grubby white flats on the other side of the road? Please stop flattening our heritage. Surely a developer with enough skill to take such a project on is out there?

  18. kenny lake UNITED KINGDOM

    surely a better use can be found than just smashing it down?
    re use re use re use

  19. Adam Atherton UNITED KINGDOM

    Apartments could be built in the existing building, knocking it down would be a real shame.


    Old buildings give soul to a city and can cohabit comfortably with modern buildings.

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