Save Heaps Mill from demolition – yards from Liverpool ‘s World Heritage Site

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Created June 24, 2014 by Maria Toolan


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  1. j hughes UNITED STATES

    Helps to retain the character of the city

  2. Jamie mullin

    Immense potential which needs preserving. Some creative flare will make the refurbishment of this building a world class centrepiece of any redevelopment proposal. Save heaps mill!

  3. Brenda Taffe

    we often visit Cleveland Square and have often said what will happen to The Joseph Heap Warehouse.The existing building could be re-furbished to create open plan space for people to purchase and create their own living space. Or coverted to an emporium and independant retail units. It should not be demolished as this building at present is in keeping with the heritage of the area ie Albert Dock.

  4. JP O'Neill

    We need to protect our heritage not replace it with more useless eyesores. The city needs affordable accommodation in the suburbs, invest in them, not exclusive luxury apartments.

  5. Ian Johnson UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s not just the grand buildings we should be preserving, we should also be preserving the ‘ordinary’ buildings that are such an integral part of Liverpool’s history. It was these buildings and the trades they were used for that helped make our city what it is today… once gone we can’t recover that history or this building’s character. What’s more, the new designs can barely be distinguished from countless other bland, characterless glass/steel structures throughout our city. Modern construction and design can really add to a city but this just looks like any drab modern building anywhere in the world. Every piece of architecture has a chance to shine and to enhance the environment in which it sits. This adds nothing and removes something of real interest and historical significance.

  6. Benna harry UNITED KINGDOM

    we should be preserving our heritage not destroying it..whats happening in this city? this is greed..we dont need more steel and glass towers, other citys would kill for the old buildings and heritage that Liverpool has.


    This is a beautiful example of a building that is now very rare. It is precisely this sort of ignorant destruction that has marred so many cities in the past. The loss of Heaps Mill would be remembered and regretted by generations to come.


    Liverpool is important because many of its warehouses, breweries and similar manufacturing buildings are still in existence. If Heaps Mill was knocked down, this would take us one step closer to the destruction of all that is special about this city. And a building as old and characterful as Heaps Mill could never be brought back or replaced.

  9. Edmund Morris UNITED KINGDOM

    It is an important part of Liverpool’s heritage and is a unique building.

  10. Lisa Mulholland


  11. Bernard toolan UNITED KINGDOM

    Save it for the same reason it was beneficial to the city to save the Albert & Stanley docks.

  12. Lynne Toolan UNITED STATES

    It is important to continue to develop as a city but not at the expense of our heritage. There is room for both

  13. S. McDonald UNITED KINGDOM

    We should be saving what we can of heritage. We’ve already lost enough.

  14. Professor Robert Lee UNITED KINGDOM

    An important building in its own right which reflects the significance of local processing industries linked with Liverpool’s trade in the nineteenth century. Any development should reflect its historic significance and retain as much of the original structure as possible. The current planning application (involving 25-storey sections) is inappropriate and unsuitable for such a key site within the Baltic Triangle.

  15. Terry Merryfield GERMANY

    Beautiful buildings like this should be put back into use such as flats not bulldozed

  16. steve carse

    Such buildings are the very core of old Liverpool.

  17. Stephen Toolan UNITED KINGDOM

    We have destroyed far to much of our heritage

  18. Bernice jane keegan UNITED KINGDOM

    I do not agree with this old building being totally demolished.

  19. Kerry Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    There is never a good reson for demolishing history. This should be preserved, its one of the reasons I love this city despite it not being my place of birth. There are 100′s of empty apartments in this city there is no need for more!!

  20. David Worrall UNITED KINGDOM

    Liverpool needs to preserve these ‘ordinary’ but historically significant buildings. We do not need another indistinct and ultimately temporary apartment block. Whatever plans are approved, the Rice Mill must be preserved.

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