Save Heaps Mill from demolition – yards from Liverpool ‘s World Heritage Site

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Created June 24, 2014 by Maria Toolan


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  1. Philip Williamson FINLAND

    Historical buildings in the city should be preserved, would you rather a generic new building that looks like every other new city apartment block in the world, or a refurbished historic building like The Colonnades at the Albert Dock. These modern glass building look terrible within a few years, you only have to look at the apartment block at One Park West overlooking Chavasse Park, it’s only a couple of years old and it looks like it was built in the 70’s.

  2. Karen Riley UNITED KINGDOM

    Hi does this mean I have signed the petition or do I need to print of the form and sign it.


  3. David Baker GERMANY

    Would be far better to convert the building into flats than to demolish

  4. Elle Omar FINLAND

    It’s a cornerstone building in the Baltic Triangle. And, on a personal note, my favourite warehouse in Liverpool. Should be listed.

  5. Phil Mitchell UNITED KINGDOM

    As an ex-Liverpudlian,aswell as exLondoner, I want asmuch of the old-Liverpool to survive as possible!

  6. Graham MacPhee UNITED KINGDOM

    Protect historic Liverpool!

  7. Shirley Curtis-Summers UNITED KINGDOM

    Objection to Mill demolishment.

  8. Steve West UNITED KINGDOM


  9. John Joseph UNITED KINGDOM

    Why is it still such a struggle to retain the fabric of our cities ? The Heaps Mill is a beautiful structure which should be the centre piece of any new development, there should be no question about it !

  10. Mark hughes GERMANY

    Our heritage our city keep the mill

  11. theresa rice UNITED KINGDOM

    The people of liverpool 1 dont need anymore high rise flats blocking them in !!

  12. Mrs Jill Snape UNITED KINGDOM

    My Father and Grandfather both worked at Heaps Rice Mill. It is part of the Historial Buidlings left within Liverpool and they need to be protected and regenerated.

  13. anthony feeney UNITED KINGDOM

    These massive brick warehouses are what liverpool is about weve lost enough emough of these im the past cant lose any more

  14. Peter Stephenson GERMANY

    Buildings which reference an area’s history and culture should be retained wherever possible. This is particularly important in Liverpool where so many buildings have been lost and with them, memories of exactly why the city was so important and what it’s inhabitants achieved to make it so.

  15. sophie leavesley

    Historical buildings in the city should be preserved – these “Modern” structures will be torn down in a few years, while the classics still stand and the more we protect the better .

  16. Dr Graham Urquhart

    Plans for tower blocks will obscure line of sight from Albert Dock to the C of E Cathedral, the Metropolitan Cathedral and other historic churches and , I believe, is contrary to existing planning restrictions. The ‘footprint’ of the Rice Mill complex of buildings must not be expanded beyond the building line that has existed for decades as the view of the famous Gustav Adolfs Kryka (Scandinavian -Seamen’s Church)and the C of E Cathedral in the background from Liver Street, Park Lane and the ‘infamous’ Paradise Street would be lost. This vital panorama of industrial and religious heritage must be preserved and would be planning sacrilege if destroyed by development.

  17. Michael Kelly UNITED KINGDOM

    Please stop knocking down our heritage.

  18. Ioan Roberts UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s a beautiful historic building, and part of the cities heritage

  19. Saad Shaffi UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s part of the cities history

  20. Tom Merlin UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s about time the council stood up and stopped letting these developers ride roughshod all over our cities heritage

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