Save Heaps Mill from demolition – yards from Liverpool ‘s World Heritage Site

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Created June 24, 2014 by Maria Toolan


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  1. nikki sarath

    Fantastic, solid building – huge heritage. Develop it within its outer- shell like Titanic hotel or Albert Dock. NO Sense in pulling it down!

  2. Helen Stephens UNITED KINGDOM

    There’ll be nothing left at this rate. Save it, renovate it, use it.

  3. RStevens

    Once heritage is lost it’s lost for ever

  4. Mike Broad UNITED KINGDOM

    An important historic warehouse. It’s criminal that the council is letting buildings like this be pulled down.

  5. Anthony ward

    Saving the cities heritage

  6. Emma Collins UNITED KINGDOM

    Why demolish more of Liverpool’s heritage for yet more high-rise apartments to blight the skyline and destroy the area’s character? This is too short-sighted.

  7. Diana Heredia UNITED KINGDOM

    The Mill is of historic importance for the area and for the City of Liverpool sitting on the edge of the Baltic Triangle that is immediately adjacent to Liverpool’s World Heritage Site. It is stated in the Baltic Triangle Planning Framework that the “Buffer Zone” to the WHS needs to retain its distinctive character and I feel that the Mill is integral to this.
    National Planning Policy Framework also states that heritage assets are irreplaceable and should be conserved and be integrated in plan-making.
    The former rice mill is well over 200 years old and one of the last still standing in the country. The importance of this reaches beyond the borders of the city, it is testament to the mercantile history of the whole country.

  8. Jan Williams UNITED KINGDOM

    Surely we can move forward without destroying the past? The sheer hulking mass of Heaps Mill is a magnificent and imposing landmark that deserves a new lease of life.


    Heritage first, developer profits second…


    We’ve already lost some beautiful and historical buildings over the years.
    Liverpool is overdeveloped with ugly hotels, apartments and student accommodation.
    We’re losing our identity to profiteers who are only interested in greed.

  11. Emma Vincent UNITED KINGDOM

    We need to protect what we have or risk another horrendous eyesore like liverpool ones apartments!

  12. Matthew O'Connor UNITED KINGDOM

    Preservation of our architecture and I do not see any requirement for new build apartments in the city centre- there are many empty apartments and failed developments already- see the nearby ‘Quarter’. Liverpool has a civic duty to protect heritage and buildings of history, rather than pandering to foreign investors.

  13. Margaret Cooney UNITED KINGDOM

    Hard to imagine why the city council could even consider giving permission to demolish one of the very buildings that makes Liverpool such a distinctive place and gives such character to Baltic. Other cities would be determined to preserve such a wonderful building. A disgrace if it replaced with an ugly bland, worthless piece of transnational fake luxury. They are supposed to be guardians of the built environment.

  14. Simon Wells

    The council need to tread carefully, we need to preserve the city’s heritage. Surely this building can be saved and put into use. It would be a huge mistake to demolish the old mill and in such a sensitive area.

  15. Laurence Wright UNITED KINGDOM

    It is vital to preserve historic buildings in Liverpool, especially considering the very fast rate of redevelopment. Buildings such as Heap’s Mill have been a part of the city scape for centuries, and shouldn’t be destroyed just to introduce a new shiny building with no connection with the locality.

  16. Graham Humphreys FRANCE

    having had to visit this mill in the past as part of my job with Kellogg’s, it prepared rice for Rice Krispies in those days, I became aware of the industrial archaelogical importance of this building. Although of brick & steel, in fact cast iron, construction most – if not all – of the metal structural features were desihned as though made of wood, i.e. dovetail or mortice & tenon joints rather than bolted sections. To lose this building would be a sad day for Merseyside & for those interested in the U.K.’s industrial heritage.


    stop them!

  18. john blackhurst UNITED KINGDOM

    I have seen this happen in the centre of Liverpool for years. The councils of Liverpool have been happy to slag off central government over the years but have never protected Liverpool’s built environment( eg the Bibby Building). If they really want to keep this building for the future then get a grant and put a roof on it. Otherwise it will eventually fall down. We need a new petition: a roof for Heaps Mill.

  19. David Dunn UNITED KINGDOM

    Lets have something interesting done with this building rather than the usual dross!

  20. Andrew Johnson UNITED KINGDOM

    Please don’t knock down yet another heritage building in Liverpool. years before my time you already knocked down the great Bibbys warehouse, the liverpool sailors home, and customs house. Don’t be scum bags like those corrupt councillors in the 70s. Don’t ruin my city with a quick fix of student accommodation. It infuriates me so much, and upsets me even more so, that people are so prepared to throw away their history in the knock of a bulldozer. We should be proud of our dwindling warehouse heritage.

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