Stop the Closure of the ENT and Hearing Clinic for Children with Down’s Syndrome in Manchester

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Created August 6, 2012 by Penny Green


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There are currently 354 signatures for this petition:

  1. Mary Field UNITED KINGDOM

    I have two children with Down’s Syndrome who have both been seen by Mr Sheehan in Manchester. We live in West Sussex where I believe they do not receive the specialist treatment that they require, mainly through lack of knowledge and expertise of the consultants with young people with Down’s Syndrome. Mr Sheehan gave me information and advice that I had not received before, as well as the confidence that my concerns were important and with his support we could move forward. I am very distressed to see that his important work in the sphere of such vital importance – hearing – should not be recognised. I am happy to spend time and money travelling to see Mr Sheehan because he cares about the individual person, whether they have a learning difficulty or not, and would be willing to do so in the future to obtain his expert support.

  2. sheetal athalye UNITED KINGDOM

    it would be a shame to close such a useful service

  3. sana anwar UNITED KINGDOM

    Please keep the department open for the Downs children.

  4. martin brennan UNITED KINGDOM

    No justification for these types of closures

  5. Rena Wright UNITED KINGDOM

    Please dont close the ENT my daughter and so mny others need this service

  6. Claire hand UNITED KINGDOM

    Please sign this petition..


    Please keep open. Lots of children need this service, to try and live a normal life.

  8. Margaret Summers UNITED KINGDOM

    Please sign, say no to cuts!!!

  9. Rebecca Trower UNITED KINGDOM

    Please keep this vital and well regarded service open.

  10. Una Sharkey UNITED KINGDOM

    Please keep this service open.

  11. Janet Latham

    If you close this service, you will be letting down the children and families that have come to depend on this vital resource.

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