Stop the Closure of the ENT and Hearing Clinic for Children with Down’s Syndrome in Manchester

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Created August 6, 2012 by Penny Green


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  1. Linda Taylor UNITED KINGDOM

    This clinic is the ‘Gold standard’. Writing as a health professional involved in the care of children with Down syndrome, I would like all areas to have such a specialist, yet personal, service. Building up such expertise takes a long time and the closure of this clinic leaves the team unable to share their knowledge and experience with junior staff, so both patients and future doctors miss out.

  2. Stephen Campbell UNITED KINGDOM

    Yet more ConDem cuts. Cameron had a disabled child himself and should know better. We can only hope he’s unaware of this, that it was decided at a local level, therefore this petition is vital. Thanks.

  3. Karl Hildebrandt UNITED KINGDOM

    If you don’t alow people the opportunity to learn, then learning ceases to exsist.

  4. Dr Maggie Woodhouse

    Patrick Sheehan provides a flagship service and is the UK expert on ENT issues in children with Down’s syndrome. Closure of his clinic is totally unacceptable and an affront to the rights of families throughout the UK

  5. Marie Schmidt UNITED KINGDOM

    Too many good clinics and hospital closures, without this place staying open I dred to think of the upset this will cause to My grandsons routine in the changes of going elsewhere!

  6. Kate Harverson UNITED KINGDOM

    Should not be closed has helped so many.

  7. Jim Heath

    If smug Mr Cameron had to depend on the NHS for the well being of his family I think he might be somewhat less convinced that his cuts are justified.

  8. Yasmin Din UNITED KINGDOM

    As the parent of a child with DS I am horrified that such an important service by such a well regarded professional is not being retained. It is not appropriate to think that the same service can be provided by local clinics without the specialist knowledge.

  9. Kathryn Savage UNITED KINGDOM

    agree 100% with Lisa Green

  10. Amanda Watson UNITED KINGDOM

    Families travel miles & miles to this clinic, as the expertise is highly valued. It makes a real difference to improve people’s quality of life. Please keep it open.

  11. Bob Dennett UNITED KINGDOM

    Stop spending money on supporting the crooked banks and spend in on our future generations.

  12. Ray Butterworth UNITED KINGDOM


  13. Lizzie Hill UNITED KINGDOM

    Please reconsider the future of this important facility.

  14. Charlotte Hughes UNITED KINGDOM

    it really doesn’t make sense to move such a valuable and extremely well attended clinic.

    • Penny Green UNITED KINGDOM

      Trouble is it’s not really a move Charlotte, that’s just Mr Sheehan’s attempt at maintaining as much of the service as he can, but he knows that it will not be possible to sustain the current level of service.

  15. Anne-Marie kilgour UNITED KINGDOM

    This is vital for children with downs syndrome and should remain open.

  16. Naomi Dixon

    Please keep this service open

  17. Kirsty Evans UNITED KINGDOM

    We need to save this clinic for our wonderful children.


    Agree with everyone here!

  19. Samantha Hibbert UNITED KINGDOM

    Patrick Sheehan’s expert advice and personal knowledge of DS are invaluable and I urge a re-think of the decision to close this clinic supporting children with DS who ENT problems.

  20. Amanda Spate UNITED KINGDOM

    I fully support this petition.

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