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Created May 8, 2009 by Campaign for a sustainable


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There are currently 487 signatures for this petition:

  1. Peter Liljenberg Cricklewood UNITED KINGDOM
  2. SL Tan Dollis Hill UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Rozelle Pope London UNITED KINGDOM

    This development must be evaluated and planned for sustainability, and its effect upon the local environment.

  5. Ali Qassim UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Louise Poulton Cricklewood UNITED KINGDOM

    I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments expressed above.

  7. Josefine Speyer London UNITED KINGDOM

    With best wishes,
    Josefine Speyer

  8. Chantal Johnston London UNITED KINGDOM
  9. amanda pointer london UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Ashwin Vyas Golders Green Estate NW2 UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Carol Rothwell London UNITED KINGDOM
  12. caitano albuquerque cricklewood UNITED KINGDOM

    not in my area – proposals not fully considered

  13. A Haan Kilburn UNITED KINGDOM

    I believe that the impact of the proposal has not been fully appreciated by Barnet council and that it will have wide implications, especially in Brent on its transport system which is already buckling under the road traffic, its shopping and its communities. A decision should be made only after a full and impartial assessment and should not be left to Barnet council who will derive most benefit from the proposal.
    I hope the government will `call-in\' the planning application for further consideration.
    Yours faithfully
    Alison Haan

  14. Alan Carter London NW2 UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Xavier PUJOS London UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Peter Osmon UNITED KINGDOM

    I am shocked at this proposed development. It seems to me that withthe prevailing wind fromthe west thers is potential for pollution across allof N London and beyond.

  17. Patricia Corrdell Mapesbury UNITED KINGDOM

    I support the petition to call in the Brent Cross Cricklewood planning application on the grounds that this significant development and change of use should be very carefully considered. Increased traffic volume and resulting pollution; a larger shopping mall that is not needed; both Brent and Camden reject current proposals; disbenefits to Brent residents are my reasons

  18. Gordon Garrad Dollis Hill UNITED KINGDOM

    No objection to the principle of regeneration, but what i have read of the scheme just makes it seem that it will not be that friendly to residents and non-car drivers.

  19. Andrew Sanger Childs Hill UNITED KINGDOM

    I am chairman of CLAN, a residents\' association representing over 300 households bordering the proposed development area.

  20. Geraldine Dunham Childs Hill UNITED KINGDOM

    This 800-page proposal is being rushed through the planning process. It will not be possible for Barnet Planning Committee to consider it in detail.Any decision made in this way stage is bound to be superficial and may have disastrous consequences for the whole area as a result. It is vital that full, in-depth consideration is given and all necessary changes be made to any plan that is finally adopted.

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