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Created May 8, 2009 by Campaign for a sustainable


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  1. Harini Boteju Wembley UNITED KINGDOM

    Brent Cross needn\'t expand, there is already plenty of retail space. Public transport access to BX is not good and having it\'s waste facility on the border of Brent is unfair to residents who live in that area. Increasing the this type of shopping facility also kills smaller town centres.

  2. Mary Alpert Brent UNITED KINGDOM

    An informed decision about this application requires a full and independent assessment of its potential impact on all of the communities involved, particularly on environmental and sustainability grounds.

  3. Kelly Dearsley UNITED KINGDOM

    Please consider the disastrous effects on the social fabric, economic well-being and physical and mental health of our community. If this propoasl is approved, it will sound the death knell for this wonderful part of London STOP IT PLEASE!!

  4. Stephen Davies Cricklewood UNITED KINGDOM

    A Waste Station and Incineration plant should not be located in such a residential area as Cricklewood.

  5. Greig SMITH Finchley UNITED STATES

    We\\\\\\\'re in the worst recession for decades, and this nonsense plan comes up. Beggars belief. Spend the money on something we REALLY need.

  6. Jessica Howey Cricklewoood UNITED STATES

    waste handling is too close to house\\r\\n25 storey high residential blocks were discredited years ago – this is a future ghetto

  7. Jennifer Jones Cricklewood UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Rebecca Lewis Cricklewood

    I am particularly concerned at the siting of the waste processing plant which is in much too close proximity to residential houses and in indeed a conservation area. There is ample evidence to show that the burning of waste will have a hugely negative impact on people\'s health, possibly for generations to come. This has not been considered by the developers. Despite experts in the field drawing this to their attention, they have refused to acknowledge this and change the siting of the incinerator.

  9. Catherine Davies UNITED KINGDOM

    I have young children and I am really concerned about health problems that would be associated with the waste incinerator as well as the extra traffic this would create, noise and smell. I am also concerned that our already very shabby high street will get even worse as available money will be spent on BX. We are constantly told that there aren\'t enough funds to upgrade our community playground. This will be totally left out of the proposals.

  10. audrey Henning london UNITED KINGDOM

    As a home owner in the railway terraces, I am concerned as I suffer from asthma and would like this to go an enquiry

  11. patricia Morris london UNITED KINGDOM

    I am concerned about the levels of increased traffic and wish this to go to an enquiry

  12. Graeme Mc Donald London UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Samantha Plummer London UNITED KINGDOM

    I do not believe this plan is sustainable and needs to be assessed independently

  14. Sandra Shephard Cricklewood UNITED KINGDOM

    When there was initial discussion many years ago, the hope of our cummunity was that it would benefit. This now seems far from the case

  15. janet wickes cricklewood UNITED KINGDOM

    we object most strongly to this developement in it\'s present form ,it is too large damaging .It\'s hugely unpopular.There is a pressing need for a public enquiry .The public consultations have yielded many residents objections,but the plans have not been changed accordingly by one iota.We beg you to consider our objections and take this back to the drawing board.

  16. Dennis Cooke Cricklewood UNITED KINGDOM

    I have voiced concerns. I trust you will read all previous responses to consultations regarding this planning application.

  17. doug kitsis hendon UNITED KINGDOM

    not a good idea to have an incinerator in this area

  18. Steve North London UNITED KINGDOM

    Typical, trying to Steam roller their ideas over the local residents. This area needs regeneration not wholesale disruption.

  19. Julia North London UNITED KINGDOM

    As local residents, we want our opinions taken notice of.

  20. gary bushell cricklewood UNITED KINGDOM

    I have lived on the clitterhouse estate for 50 years the traffic around brent cross and surrounding area is harendous as it is my house will back onto this monstrosity of concrete spoiling my view of which at present a 10 mile view I worry about the polution levels as i am an asthmatic i feel that the council have not thought of our human basic rights this area is full of wild life from foxes wood peckers slow worms and the common house sparrow I feel this would all suffer through the regeneration how much more ground are they going to take as now the old hendon football is going to be built on they are cramping in as much as possible in a small space

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