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Created May 8, 2009 by Campaign for a sustainable


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  1. Sharon Wilson London UNITED KINGDOM

    I object to the Brent Cross Cricklewood application for the above reasons.

  2. Andrew Tucker Childs Hill UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Malcolm Carter Park royal UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Javaid Ashraf Dollis Hill, Brent, UNITED KINGDOM

    This development is a multibillion pound rip off. Creating a manhattan style city in an already densely populated part of London which already has potential transport problems and is a main route in and out of London. The Waste dump they plan to create shows their ignorance and lack of concern for local residents. Consulation has been a walk over and the scheme is all about making a lot of money for the developers. This issue affects many people including those who use this area to come in and out of London via M1 motorway as well as travel along North Circular, (A5) Edgware Road and (A41) Hendon Way.

  5. Sarah Nicholl London UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Ulla Thiessen london NW2 4DT UNITED KINGDOM

    The only regeneration that area needs for the next few years is the football club which is abandoned and unused, a train link would be sensible and any surplus industrial land off the M1/A406 should be used for Park & Ride facilities linked to Public Transport. Finish developing Brent Cross shopping Centre before considering any more shopping dfevelopments – there are plenty of empty shops (and homes) in Golders Green etc

  7. Roma Battye Childs Hill, London UNITED KINGDOM

    The Brent Cross Cricklewood development is in essence a good idea to upgrade the area, but I agree that not sufficient attention has been given to the impact on the already heavy traffic in the area. It will increase the number of cars on the road which is not the way forward in this \'enlightened\' age. Serious consideration should be given to a new \'cross country\'light railway.

  8. Janice Long UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Leon Ferera WIllesden Green UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Jon Taylor London UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Joy Onyejiako UNITED KINGDOM

    As a Cricklewood resident I am very concerned in particular to the rise in pollution, which will no doubt increase ill health, such as the rise in childhood asthma and other respiratory problems and the overall lowering in the quality of local life.

  12. Barry Cooper UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Meritxell Cusido London UNITED KINGDOM
  14. JANE Nicoll Cape Town

    Having visited this area several years ago the traffic was a nightmare then I dread to think what impact on the air quality and family life this extension would have.

  15. Joseph Nicholas Tottenham UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Anna Joffe UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Richard Harding UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Michael Taylor Finchley UNITED KINGDOM

    Any future development on the proposed scale should include renewable energy generation i.e. solar panels and wind turbines as an integral part of any commercial/domestic building scheme.

  19. Sandra De andrade London

    This development increases our carbon footprint and our ability to hit our 35% reduction of CO2 target by 2020!

  20. Nancy VandenBergh London UNITED KINGDOM
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