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Created May 8, 2009 by Campaign for a sustainable


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  1. Corinne Gibson Stanmore UNITED KINGDOM

    The \\\\\\\"regeneration\\\\\\\" of the Brent Cross area is ill thought out. There will be a huge increase in traffic in an area which is already over congested. The 140m incinerator chimney will pollute a wide area. The number of dwellings is not sustainable by the current infrastructure.

  2. Robert Leadon Hendon UNITED KINGDOM
  3. franck leo UNITED KINGDOM

    too much traffic in this area

  4. Anil Lalwani London UNITED KINGDOM

    Serious issues have been raised with the project. Stop and please listen to these questions.Thanks.

  5. ian shirley london UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Marion I Geller Cricklewood UNITED KINGDOM

    Please \\\\\\\'call in\\\\\\\' this application for independent assessement. As it currently stands, this plan looks to have a very negative impact on this north-west London area.

  7. Calogero Aquilino Cricklewood/Golders Green UNITED KINGDOM

    I strongly oppose this planning application.

  8. Elimelech Sufrin London UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Andrew Largin Cricklewood UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Marian Rene Sekaly hendon UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Boguslaw Kucharek Cricklewood UNITED KINGDOM

    My quality of life will be severely impacted by this development. Residents like myself have not been consulted about this development.
    I am seriously concerned about the unacceptable pollution and increase in traffic due to the large, heavy waste lorries carrying their loads of rubbish to the incinerator. The traffic is already a problem around Staples Corner and my road, Crest Road will be even busier. In addition,I fear the heavy waste lorries will be damaging the road and houses foundations.

  12. Heather Atkinson Cricklewood UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Craig Diggins London UNITED KINGDOM

    At a time when the protection of the environment for future generations has become paramount, this plan goes totally against the grain. Not only will people in the areas surrounding the development suffer, but many existing retailers will likely lose a lot of trade. This is a monstrous plan with no place in the 21st century.

  14. Antonia Gutman London UNITED KINGDOM
  15. John Chocolate London UNITED KINGDOM

    Don\'t let this disaster be built!

  16. Ali Qassim London UNITED KINGDOM

    I wish to be consulted properly on this as would most of my neighbours.\\r\\n

  17. David Jones Cricklewood UNITED KINGDOM

    Barnets proposal is just not sustainable and has taken no true account of the feelings and concerns of the people whom this will directly effect. Barnet has acted in its own interests and not for the greater well being of all North West London residence.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\nThis whole process needs to be examined under open public scrutiny.

  18. Tobias Hill London UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Vendula Hudcova London UNITED KINGDOM

    Please stop development. Start looking at things we really need. Go, travel, see places like Vienna and other european cities. How well their transport scheme is, how many cycle lanes they have and how efficient is the service. What you want to do here does not make sense as it will worsen the situation, pollute the air even more and will make us all even more grumpy. Thank you and I will hope for better future. Kind Regards\\r\\nVendula

  20. David Dinneen London UNITED KINGDOM
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