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Created May 8, 2009 by Campaign for a sustainable


Take the decision out of Barnet's hands!

To the Secretary of State

We the undersigned urge the Government to 'call-in' the Brent Cross Cricklewood planning application for independent and impartial assessment. It is not in the public interest for Barnet Council to determine the application for the following reasons:

*There are elements of the plan that have significant impacts outside the Borough of Barnet: in particular 29,000 extra cars per day on the road, and the impact on local shopping and communities. A North West London Light Railway would mitigate some of these effects.

*The proposal?s sustainability needs to be reviewed in terms of: density, the environment, pollution, carbon emissions, the incinerator, siting of waste processing plant, and the effect of high-level walkways on cyclists and pedestrians.

*We do not believe that Barnet Council has fully considered the proposals that in many instances do not contain sufficient detail for the Council to make an informed decision.

There are currently 487 signatures for this petition:

  1. Anita Jackson Barnet UNITED KINGDOM

    I believe that having a North West London Light Railway would greatly help traffic congestion and everyone's standard of travel available

  2. David Clark Colindale UNITED KINGDOM

    We need a rail connection to Finchley and the Jubilee Line, at present we have to go all the way to Kings Cross and double back

  3. John McDonagh London UNITED KINGDOM

    In terms of the concept of the plan I am in favour and I was born in and have lived in Cricklewood all my life. I am not anti-development. I work in the Construction Sector myself at a Project Management Level. In fact I work in Croydon a mini city that grew around the car. And anybody who lives/works here knows that clearly did not work. The Croydon tram has helped improve the situation. So for the BX scheme to be based around the car with no tram or light rail facility is unacceptable in 2010. Also the writing is on the wall for the closure of Cricklewood station which will cut off a large portion of people from easy access to the railway. Finally a massive CHP plant in a heavily populated area churning out particulates that we all strongly suspect are damaging to human health is unacceptable. Personally I am not even in favour of locally generated energy plants as it is a sticky plaster approach to an ill thought out national energy generating strategy and national grid energy distribution network. Also I understand the residential scheme will be built to Sustainable Homes Code 3 which already in 2010 in about the minimum entry level required on planning applications and Part L of the building regulations continues to have incremental improvements, targeted to increase the standard again in 2013 and with the final target being zero carbon in new dwellings by 2016. It seems the new dwellings in the BX scheme are being benched against the pre-2010 Part L improvements.

  4. Ann Hunter London UNITED KINGDOM

    We must continue the fight!

  5. Savvas Papasavva Wembley

    More accountability please.

  6. Corinne Gurvitz UNITED KINGDOM

    I think that more thought should be put into this development; while money is no doubt important, safety must be considered too- plus the aftereffects of this could be very costly indeed (NHS especially)

  7. Riecha Sharma Colindale UNITED KINGDOM
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