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Created May 8, 2009 by Campaign for a sustainable


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  1. mark thorne cricklewood UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Ivaylo Shalvarkov Cricklewood UNITED KINGDOM

    Stop the incinerator and waste factory

  3. Kristalina Karamfilova Cricklewood UNITED KINGDOM

    Unacceptably close to our homes and the generated extra traffic would be ubearable

  4. Georgi Georgiev Cricklewood UNITED KINGDOM

    Unacceptably close to our homes and the generated extra traffic would be ubearable

  5. David Marlow Cricklewood UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Ellen Myrup London UNITED KINGDOM

    To the Secretary of State

    We the undersigned urge the Government to \'call-in\' the Brent Cross Cricklewood planning application for independent and impartial assessment. It is not in the public interest for Barnet Council to determine the application for the following reasons:

    *There are elements of the plan that have significant impacts outside the Borough of Barnet: in particular 29,000 extra cars per day on the road, and the impact on local shopping and communities. A North West London Light Railway would mitigate some of these effects.

    *The proposal?s sustainability needs to be reviewed in terms of: density, the environment, pollution, carbon emissions, the incinerator, siting of waste processing plant, and the effect of high-level walkways on cyclists and pedestrians.

    *We do not believe that Barnet Council has fully considered the proposals that in many instances do not contain sufficient detail for the Council to make an informed decision.

  7. Elena Vasileva Cricklewood UNITED KINGDOM

    this is madness. I don\\\\\\\'t who offered in on a first place and who approved it. It\\\\\\\'s croweded enough already.

  8. Marie Jayakody Dollis Hill UNITED KINGDOM

    Urge to call in the application no. C/17559/08 for public enquiry. Totally oppose these proposlas.

  9. H Popat Golders Green UNITED KINGDOM

    this is a disgrace and not the right thing for the community. Please stop this project

  10. stephen mcnee UNITED KINGDOM

    \\r\\nif it is a viable project surely this will be found out by a public enquiry?\\r\\n\\r\\nWhat would developers have to fear? If what they say is true (about it being an environmentally sustainable project) then this will found out by the enquiry.\\r\\n\\r\\nEven if an enquiry did delay work on the First Phase surely this is an acceptable delay given the scale of the project and the importance of getting it right?

  11. Loretta Hill UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Smita Choraria London UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Matteo Rossetti London UNITED KINGDOM

    Hello, I think the incinerator is better located far away from human habitation to a very far away place where there are not either industrial estate or residential estate. Thank you.\\r\\n\\r\\n

  15. Jaya Choraria Cricklewood UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Galina Sergieva London UNITED KINGDOM

    I would not like to have a waste processing plant and an incinerator near my home. The residents should have a say and be able to influence such decision.

  17. Paul Durkan Cricklewood UNITED KINGDOM

    I have lived in the same house,directly opposite the proposed dump, for 45 years.Gridlock is already a daily occurrence in the area at peak times-the 7am-7pm bus lane on the Brent side certainly doesn\'t help.I and my Children went to the Primary School which only a few hundred metres from the proposed dump. The site is not appropriate for obvious reasons and needs this unbiased Public Enquiry so that common sense can prevail.

  19. Michael Davy Golders Green UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Felix Economakis UNITED KINGDOM

    I am totally opposed to the scale of this scheme and will not vote for anyone who supports it.

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