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  1. Jayne Sanderson Cricklewood UNITED KINGDOM

    The Mayor of London is already criticised for not meeting targets on carbon emissions and pollution. 29,000 extra cars per day on the A5 – the main artery road into London from the North? INSANE!

  2. debra green edgware UNITED KINGDOM

    i feel so strongly about community life, about local shopping, local shops , local communities, the effects of shattered local communities on crime rates, and of course the effects of traffic grid lock on our roads , the effects on communities,and on local and national economy, the total lack of interest in sustainability in the buildings whilest as i speak copenhagen is going on, i really hope we can have a public enquirey , developers think only about them selves and not about devastating local british communities .\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\nthanking you in anticipation , debbie green

  3. Hartley Kemp Crickewood UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Isobel Kemp Crickewood UNITED KINGDOM

    I am particularly shocked and surprised that present plans fail to include any reference to the North West London Light Railway. In this 21st Century environmental considerations require the inclusion of much more effective public transport, without which no such development ought to be allowed.\\r\\n\\r\\nLondon is pre-eminently a public transport city, and will become ever-increasingly so due to overwhelming economic and environmental constraints. The Brent Cross development without provision of light rail, such as proposed for NWLLR, would be an opportunity thrown away which future generations will not forgive.

  6. will embliss london UNITED KINGDOM

    There seems to be little thought towards green planning\\r\\nin this development. The project will affect an area far wider than Barnet, so needs a higher/ broader view point from which to make this decision

  7. David Lawrence London UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Hazel Alcraft Cricklewood UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Mary Saxe-Falstein London UNITED KINGDOM

    com0pletely against the development and particularly the high rise blocks and the refuse incinerator

  12. Shailesh Solanki Neasden UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Ruth Roth Cricklewood UNITED KINGDOM

    New Initiatives in sustainability MUST be considered. See: Thames Gateway Institute of Sustainability. A recently announced charity with Peter Head of ARUP chairing. \\r\\nSUSTAINIBILITY, New Green Initiatives, quality of life for local people of boroughs adjacent to Barnet and in Barnet is challenged/ I support concern about issues raised above.

  14. Francine Harper London UNITED KINGDOM

    We don\\\\\\\'t want the incinerator or the waste disposal on our doorstep. We live right next to where the lorries will be coming in and out 24 hours a day resulting in noise and reversing noises. Plus the increased traffic on the Broadway is just not acceptable. Most Sundays we cannot get out of our house in a hurry now as it is so what will extra traffic do? It\\\\\\\'s not that we\\\\\\\'re against development just that this one has not in our opinion been correctly assessed. Thank you.

  15. Lucy Santos Cricklewood UNITED KINGDOM

    How dare Barnet Council jeopardise the health of its residents.Their sheer greed in agreeing to the development and especially the incinerator makes them murderers heedless of intent and brings back sad memories. The community is happy with the present status quo. If Brent and Camden oppose the scheme and the local residents are unhappy, this should not be allowed.

  16. Matteo Miglio Hendon UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Vicki Snodgrass London UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Helen Kinsella UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Maggie Orr London UNITED KINGDOM

    As a Barnet resident I have concerns about this project. I do not dispute the need for housing in London but new developments must be sustainable.

  20. Ross Clayton Golders Green UNITED KINGDOM

    I am against the development if it means more congestion for the Brent Cross/ Cricklewood/ Golders Green area as I believe that Barnet Council is not looking after the interest of its residents but developers.

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