Help Get Sophie Her Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (sdr) Operation

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Created February 19, 2014 by Nat Rider


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  1. sonja browning-page UNITED KINGDOM

    Good luck

  2. kathleen mctaggart

    Good Luck!

  3. lianne ryan UNITED KINGDOM

    To refuse to fund a potentially life changing procedure which could help a little girl take her first steps goes against everything the NHS was set up to do. Not only is it wrong not to fund the procedure but to give Sophie and her family false hope by offering this procedure and then later refusing to fund it, is devastatingly cruel.

  4. Stacey Highfield UNITED KINGDOM

    No one should be given such a chance and for it then be cruelly taken away. NHS let’s hope someone sees sense. Good luck Sophie x

  5. Nick Brown UNITED KINGDOM

    The poor little girl only missed one appointment because of a medical emergency. She shouldn’t be left out because of this, especially as it wasn’t her fault.

  6. Shou-Lee Lin TAIWAN

    A human health is much more important than your physical appearance. This is indeed outrageous. May this girl get this surgery.

  7. Teneeshia GERMANY

    Children shouldn’t be denied to walk into their future

  8. Jane Hardy UNITED KINGDOM

    How can the NHS deny a chance of a child to walk?

  9. Muhammad UNITED KINGDOM

    There are too many children suffering in the world as it is. How can you turn a child away? I know individually the doctors and nurses will want to do the right thing, collectively though, it is easy to hide behind each other. Speak out and cause this change in decision.

  10. Pip Cook

    We fund raised for the exact same operation for a friends son whom the NHS wouldn’t fund….It’s heartbreaking to see what they won’t pay for. I hope that you have enough people power to help you over turn this ridiculous decision or support you with fundraising if not. Go for it!

  11. Ell Doidge

    Every child should get the chance to walk. Good luck Sophie xxx

  12. Lisa Blythe UNITED KINGDOM

    No child should be turned away for a life changing operation. Let it go ahead.

  13. Philip Campion UNITED KINGDOM

    I am constantly appalled by unworthy cases being given preference to unworthy cases. Good luck.

  14. Philip Campion UNITED KINGDOM

    Sorry, in my comments I meant unworthy given priority over worthy cases.

  15. Kate Wilson

    This is exactly what the NHS should be funding.

  16. Eleanor Davis NETHERLANDS

    NHS funds should be used for this and similar cases, before any are spent on vanity breast implants or gastric bands etc.
    good luck.

  17. Allan Mitchelson UNITED KINGDOM

    This child deserves the chance to walk and enjoy why should we give people who don’t deserve it free operations like breast enlargements or Botox and gastrick bands people choose to have these this. Why do we find it and not essential operations.

  18. Caroline Paxton

    Hope Sophie gets the chance to walk.

  19. Rebecca

    Good luck

  20. Ann-marie Davis

    I agree, if there is a small chance then surely something life changing such as walking should be a priority. I understand that the NHS has suffered cuts but they shouldn’t dash the hopes of a little girl and her dream xxx

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