Help Get Sophie Her Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (sdr) Operation

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Created February 19, 2014 by Nat Rider


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  1. Mrs L Chadderton

    Every child and their family deserve the chance of a better quality of life, you cannot put a price on this. If it works fantastic, if it doesn’t atleast they tried their best.

  2. markbloom UNITED KINGDOM

    prioritys are wrong at nhs

  3. Eileen Penfold

    Absolutely behind this appeal being the grandmother of a child with cerebral palsy.the NHS is totally wrong in denying this treatment.

  4. Jack Mills UNITED KINGDOM

    Why penalise a young girl through no fault of her own?
    Nor did her mother intentionally miss the appointement.
    Shame on you NHS.
    But you can redeem yourselves – give Sophie her chance.

  5. Jurgita Pleskyte UNITED KINGDOM

    A child deserves a chance to live her life in full

  6. Tanya Gardiner

    I feel a disabled child should be given an opportunity to walk

  7. C Riley

    This is what the NHS is for not boob jobs and maternity services for the rest of the world.

  8. C Riley

    The NHS should stop doing boob jobs and providing maternity services for the rest of the world and do what it should be doing which is treating children like this one.

  9. Debra Dewar

    I cannot think of a more worthwhile candidate for NHS funded surgery. Please reconsider. Thanks


    Because she needs it to improve her life

  11. john sweeney

    Totally wrong that our children should be fighting for operations like this. Isn’t this what the nhs is for!

  12. Jamie Carne UNITED KINGDOM

    This operation is life altering. quality of life should always come before any financial issues

  13. Peter Wiliams UNITED KINGDOM

    Shame on you nhs

  14. Ian Andrews

    I have CP myself and am well aware of the restrictions it has to everyday life

  15. Lindsey Blackburn UNITED STATES

    The NHS is duty bound to look at quality of life for this little girl – as a UK tax payer I’m more and more appalled at funds being sent overseas, the provision of healthcare to many who have not paid into the system whilst we deny life altering treatment to our own citizens.

  16. Keith Featonby UNITED STATES

    Our children should not have to fight for a life altering treatment like this. As a UK tax payer, I strongly object to the NHS refusing this treatment whilst it provides frivolous treatments to others

  17. sonia cutts

    this is a life changing operation and parents should not have to fight so that their child can be more independant in everyday life.

  18. Gareth Heal

    My son had this surgery several years ago in America, It is life changing. I thought we were winning the argument to see it made it available in the UK but it appears not. keep going.


    Simple: she is a child and deserves a better future.

  20. Tessa Dennis UNITED KINGDOM

    Every child deserves the right to surgery if it could possibly give them a better quality of life.

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