Help Get Sophie Her Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (sdr) Operation

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Created February 19, 2014 by Nat Rider


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There are currently 303 signatures for this petition:

  1. Brian Martin

    If Doctors and Surgeon think this could work then it should be allowed under the NH.

  2. Kiri GERMANY

    Good luck, I hope Sophie gets the operation!

  3. Lorraine Ryan UNITED KINGDOM

    Give the child a chance, that’s all she is asking for

  4. Cath Roberts FRANCE

    Good luck Sophie

  5. Ewan Bewley HONG KONG

    The NHS has sadly lost its way when it cannot help this child and yet helps so many who are less deserving. I pay my taxes in the belief that those most in need will receive help. The NHS must change its mind on this occasion.

  6. Michael Bearsby-Cook UNITED KINGDOM

    What kind of lunatic denies this child an operation when it’s going to cost a lot more money & heartache over the coming years to continue treatment without this operation.
    Why is it some no-mark who wants to be a glamour model can get a breast enhancement without any trouble but this child is denied?
    The lunatics have been running the asylum for far too long.

  7. SCOTT

    This should not need a petition it should of just been given.


    No comment needed nor should a petition be

  9. Louise Witkowska SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO

    Best of luck Sophie!

  10. Aaron Green

    She deserves the chance to have something we all take for granted

  11. Paul Robson

    Sophie has her whole life ahead of her

  12. Sharon Hall UNITED KINGDOM

    I am absolutely devastated for this family – that something already promised was then cruelly taken aware. Keep campaining for your lovely little girl.

  13. Stacie Jayne UNITED KINGDOM

    Sophie deserves the chance to walk. Best of luck.

  14. Rachel Widdowson UNITED KINGDOM

    I couldnt agree more with Sophie’s mum. Best of luck with the petition (I’ll be sharing it on fb) more needs to be done by the NHS though.


    Hope you get operation

  16. Andreas Baker UNITED KINGDOM

    should be no question on the operation

  17. Shona Dodd

    As an expat from Ash Green now living in North America I find it so troublesome that this situation has arose. The priority of the NHS should be in helping children like Sophie achieve the best quality of life. If NHS are funding what I would deem in layman terms less important operations then questions need to be asked about priorities.

  18. Samantha Young UNITED KINGDOM

    It is a shocking state of affairs when boob jobs, gastric bands and other cosmetic surgeries are available on the NHS, and a child’s surgery to help them walk is not.

  19. Barbara Foster UNITED KINGDOM

    This should be a priority not a cancellation. Good Luck Sophie.

  20. Denise Ansell

    This is a total unfair decision and could improve the little girls quality of life no end, this is not cosmetics it is LIFE CHANGING!

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