Help Get Sophie Her Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (sdr) Operation

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Created February 19, 2014 by Nat Rider


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  1. tom patrick GERMANY

    find it disgusting that its not funded.

    am doing a run later this year would be more than happy to do it sponsored on her behalf.


  2. Jon Ben

    This child deserves any and all help from the NHS

  3. graham mansell

    This young girl deserves a chance to walk a Hell of a lot more than some overeater needs a gastric band. Someone should see sense and give the ok to perform this procedure.


    Good luck, we will be attempting to have the same procedure for our little girl in a few years!


    its unfair that an innocent child should miss on life’s opportunities, while money is spent on those who don’t need it nearly as much. good luck xx

  6. Chloe Sandon

    every child deserves to walk pain-free and unaided. i hope your fight with the NHS is successful.


    Good luck!

  8. Catherine

    I believe if you can help then you should. Fingers crossed for you.

  9. Keith Plumley NETHERLANDS

    No need.

  10. Frances Dickenson

    to much NHS money is wasted on cosmetic surgery and used for life changing operations. Good luck

  11. Leigh Tapley UNITED KINGDOM

    Can’t believe that everyone has not signed this! Operations like this should be way above those offering breast surgery and gastric band, I am afraid.

  12. jennifer hevey IRELAND

    nhs are shocking.

  13. Debra Baker

    If there’s even a slight chance then she should be given it, nhs is supposed to support those in need before those wanting vanity surgery . Good luck

  14. Jeff Shore UNITED KINGDOM

    This was what the NHS was set up to do.

  15. Chris Silver AUSTRIA

    We should not be spending millions on people who just need to use there willpower to diet or on people wanting breast implants. If Sophia has this operating she will be able to walk on her own and will not be a burden to her family or cost the country thousands in the future in care she will be contributing to the country in taxes etc. The NHS boards need to be more forward looking in there decisions and not be stuck in past as most of them are now,

  16. Norma Aird UNITED STATES

    Good luck x

  17. Marie IRELAND

    Good Luck – All those who over eat, smoke or drink in excess should be made to pay for treatment on the NHS so those who have no choice over their condition can have the treatment they need.

  18. Matt Turner UNITED KINGDOM

    Hope this helps! All the best

  19. claire darker UNITED KINGDOM

    this gorgeous young lady deserves the chance to be given a new lease of life by being able to walk

  20. ell whe UNITED KINGDOM

    Why on earth should we be forced to campaign for the NHS to treat this child.

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