Help Get Sophie Her Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (sdr) Operation

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Created February 19, 2014 by Nat Rider


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There are currently 303 signatures for this petition:

  1. Lisa Bramley

    Shouldn’t need to be doing this just to give a little girl something she NEEDS!!!
    I hope this petition helps xx

  2. wendy lees UNITED KINGDOM

    Every child deserves a chance pls let her have the opportunity xx

  3. Tracey Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    Good luck nat hope sophie gets the opp thsts dhe deserves xx

  4. Lee Matthews UNITED KINGDOM

    Please give her the op.

  5. Helen dicken UNITED KINGDOM

    This little girl should have best chance

  6. Claire Geary UNITED KINGDOM


  7. Richard Powell UNITED KINGDOM

    She is my niece and it would mean she has a better quality of life

  8. Ryan Finch UNITED KINGDOM

    To improve an innocent little girl’s quality of life, and to make the NHS see sense.

  9. mat cheshire UNITED KINGDOM

    I hope she gets the operation she needs. X

  10. Theresa Lemire UNITED STATES

    Sophie deserves this opportunity. It’s not fair that she lost the chance to have her surgery because her mother got ill.

  11. Christopher Jackson

    To improve an innocent little girl’s quality of life, and to make the NHS show sense and prove that they are caring


    So unfair on a child.
    People have bariatric surgery and cosmetic surgery on the NHS, these are choices a patient has made along the way, not something they were born with.

  13. Ben Parker UNITED KINGDOM

    This little girl deserves the chance to have a better quality of life and it’s unfair to deny her that when people are getting breast enlargements on nhs.

  14. sylvia bilboe UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree that there are areas that the NHS should look closer at (like breast enhancements, gender realignment and other non serious procedures, before refusing life changing surgery for children such as Sophie.

  15. lorraine UNITED KINGDOM

    l use to work for a cerebral palsy childrens charity and know how much help they need this little girls diserves what ever help she can get to lead a good quality life

  16. jamie,, anders, and georgia upton UNITED KINGDOM

    Society should be judged by how well it treats innocent children. There is no price on a childs wellbeing. All the best and keep up the fight!

  17. Zureen Nayar UNITED KINGDOM

    I hope your little girl walks soon. Good luck

  18. Claire Kennedy UNITED KINGDOM

    This little girl needs the operation as the change to her life will be profound. There seems to be too much emphasis on non-essential operations for example gastric bands, where the cause is generally self-inflicted and if needed should be funded privately. Give this girl and others like her the chance they deserve.

  19. Paul Ashton UNITED STATES

    To allow cosmetic procedures and deny life changing essential operations such as this is totally unacceptable and highlights just how wrong the NHS and local trusts have become.

  20. Melodie Cassidy UNITED KINGDOM

    Having spasticity is horrible as it really restricts movement and i wish you all the best in getting this operation for your little girl.

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