Help Get Sophie Her Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (sdr) Operation

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Created February 19, 2014 by Nat Rider


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There are currently 303 signatures for this petition:

  1. jayne mel

    This little girl should be given the chance!!!!

  2. Derrick Morgan UNITED KINGDOM



    This is my little sister please let her have this op so she can be a happier little girl

  4. Victoria Gargett UNITED KINGDOM

    Just being careful with people I’m not sure of.

  5. Victoria G UNITED KINGDOM

    Hope you get the op she deserves, she is adorable. X

  6. Linda charnell

    Every child deserves the chance to get what they NEED to make their live better :) NHS should fund because enough money has been paid into the state by everyday workers such as myself for these kinds of reasons :)

  7. Kerrie foulds UNITED KINGDOM

    My 3 year old is having the SDR operation next month, funded by the nhs. Sophie is no different to my little girl, they are both children and should equally be allowed the SDR op, same as any child who needs it.

  8. kimberley hedgecock UNITED KINGDOM

    every child desevers a chance of a better life

  9. Heather Strickland

    i signed because she needs this and i hope it will help best of wishes for sophie!!! :D

  10. Clare Blower

    Give this little girl a chance

  11. carrianne finch GERMANY

    Please can u give this little girl her operation she deserves to have a life filled with happiness

  12. Marina Viner AUSTRALIA

    Please, give her the chance to a wonderful life, she deserves it, all children deserve it!

  13. andrew finch GERMANY

    Please give this little girl her operation

  14. Brooke Wilkinson UNITED KINGDOM

    She deserves this operation

  15. michelle hayward UNITED KINGDOM

    i dont think they should have cancelled it as it was unforseen circumstances.

  16. Clare Willmett UNITED STATES

    Come on, have a heart and give this little girl the operation she deserves.

  17. Sarah Willmett UNITED KINGDOM

    Sophie deserves this operation

  18. Sharon Williams

    for a special little girl to get a life changing operation

  19. Sam Cowling UNITED KINGDOM

    The NHS should be embarrassed, how would they feel if it was their child? I hope this little girl gets the operation she needs and deserves.

  20. Deborah cowell UNITED KINGDOM

    Please give this little girl a chance at leading a normal life, she’s only a child this should just be automatically given to all children to give them a decent chance in life

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