Help Get Sophie Her Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (sdr) Operation

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Created February 19, 2014 by Nat Rider


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  1. darren watson UNITED KINGDOM

    Children’s surgery before cosmetic boob surgery

  2. Paul Race

    We know this operation works and have a relative hoping to receive the same operation- it should be available on the NHS to all persons who meet the medical criteria.

  3. john lyttle

    The NHS don’t chase foreigners for payment but cut the life out of funding for the likes of this child. They should hang their heads in shqame.

  4. Elouise White IRELAND

    This is what the Health Service is supposed to be for!

  5. Jennifer Staley

    This operation should be honoured ,exceptional circumstances non of this nonsense no exceptions not relevant to this reason for 2nd test not being given. If child had turned up with someone else no doubt would not have been seen anyway. What a cop out. Also where is the spirit of people only 145 signatures lets get this sorted.

  6. sue GREECE

    child being disadvantaged by mothers illness and lost appointment. Otherwise would have been going through for operation

  7. kay snutch UNITED KINGDOM

    Hope you get the operation.

  8. Ann Eastbury UNITED KINGDOM

    Disgusting that s child should be denied a chance at improving her quality of life. Stop treating the scroungers and there will be enough for those entitled to treatment.
    Good Luck Sophie, I hope all goes well for you.

  9. Christine Herbert UNITED KINGDOM

    I feel strongly that a child should be given a chance to walk
    . As a mother I can understand how her mother feels, given the reason the funding was taken away

  10. sean c UNITED KINGDOM

    Good luck Sophie !

  11. Richard Chappells UNITED KINGDOM

    fed up with cost cutting NHS

  12. Morag Mackay UNITED KINGDOM

    I would like to know what happens. I am OUTRAGED on behalf on this girl and her mother.

    All boob jobs and gastric band operations etc. must be stopped!

  13. maimoona hussain UNITED KINGDOM

    The NHS was created to help the sick not to let people get a better body.

  14. Amanda anderson UNITED KINGDOM

    Absolutely disgraceful that a child be denied the chance to walk. I myself was born with a genetic condition, osteogenesis imperfecta with the prognosis at birth and through early years being I would never walk and lead an independent life. I sustained numerous fractures to lower limbs yearly, and was totally wheelchair bound. At 9 years old, I was given pioneering surgery at the time with carbon fibre rod implants in both femurs, which allowed me to become independently mobile at 14 years old. I have since went onto get married, have a healthy baby daughter and hold down a full time job. I am living proof of how necessary surgery and even expiremental surgery (which mine largely was at the time) can change a child’s life and all children deserve access to this. The NHS is a wonderful service and I have no doubt I would not lead the life I have today if it weren’t for my surgery, However I do feel the NHS needs to look at their funding priorities and a child’s independence & quality of life should be paramount.

  15. Lisa Nesbitt UNITED KINGDOM

    Help Sophie to walk


    Nothing short of a disgrace, If we can treat people who have no legitimate right to NHS treatment then there is something far wrong with this system, when we refuse a child treatment

  17. Philip G Bell UNITED KINGDOM

    Priorities have to be to restore life to those who are limited. NHS must fund.

  18. Belinda Timson UNITED KINGDOM

    Unfortunately this is what happens when the Secretary for Health removes a Key clause from the Health and Social Care Bill – the duty to provide health care to all patients. Before it was mandatory and now it is not. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Can I suggest creating a petition on, it has a much wider platform.

  19. Carolyn prothero UNITED KINGDOM

    It is cruel to deny a disabled child an operation which could improve quality of life.

  20. Laura Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    Funding boob jobs over life changing treatment for a child beggars belief.

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