Help Get Sophie Her Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (sdr) Operation

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Created February 19, 2014 by Nat Rider


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  1. sam jones UNITED KINGDOM

    I had to fight to get my grand daughter this surgery,and I think its disgusting that this surgery isn’t available on the nhs,for all children with cp

  2. Steve Skingle UNITED KINGDOM

    This is a young child that has a chance to have an operation that will change her life for the better. There is no other reason needed.

  3. Philip Norton UNITED KINGDOM

    If this is what she needs to enhance her life then there should be no question that she gets what she needs. This is OUR NHS. When a rich society such as ours cannot help the most vulnerable to thrive and live life to the max then we have hit a moral low.

  4. Audrey Barker UNITED KINGDOM

    To not get this us awful. We fought n got kyles back n when he is recovered we will help all we can x

  5. Audrey Barker UNITED KINGDOM

    We fought n got kyles back n when he better we will help all we can. Every child deserves this surgery x

  6. Tim hawley UNITED KINGDOM

    This is a life changing say egret!

  7. Tim hawley UNITED KINGDOM

    This is life changing surgery!

  8. Mrs V jelliman UNITED KINGDOM

    This little girl deserves all the help she can ,so beautiful she should be able to all- any help she can to lead the life she wants as all little girls do

  9. natasha UNITED KINGDOM

    Shouldn’t need a reason or justification. Every child deserves the chance to have a better quality of life! End of. x

  10. Marie Mcmanus UNITED KINGDOM

    we are in the same position our lil boy needs this op . xx

  11. Estelle Beckett

    Sophie needs this operation for a better quality of life, she shouldn’t be denied, I hope you get what you need Sophie x

  12. Carole Mangnall UNITED KINGDOM

    Please help Sophie , give her the chance to have the best life possible.

  13. Keeley Tye UNITED KINGDOM

    Lets help sophie get her op, its going to make a big difference to her life and to her family. Let her have more of a better life

  14. amanda struggles UNITED KINGDOM

    Its a no brainer come on pull your fingers out and do the RIGHT thing by this child…

  15. Mat Tipping UNITED KINGDOM

    No brainer!!

  16. Charlotte Henshaw UNITED KINGDOM

    Shouldn’t have to come down to a petition

  17. Stephanie cauchi UNITED KINGDOM

    Needs help

  18. Lianne Wilcock

    Give her what you said she could have in the first place! Good luck Sophie xx

  19. chris hawley-bryl UNITED KINGDOM

    Every child deserves the chance of a more independant life.

  20. susannah kemp

    Good luck

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