Nationwide foreign charges

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Created August 7, 2010 by Peter


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  2. Valerie Ewen Chatham SPAIN

    If the following happens I shall be closing my account as it is of no use to me

  3. derek bridson warrington UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Gary Inglis London UNITED KINGDOM
  5. kathryn jefferies bolton SPAIN
  6. dorel hetes bolton SPAIN
  7. Terry Sparkes Cardiff SPAIN

    I use my card abroad quite often but also leave my money in my account at a very low intrest rate so does this mean a rise in intrest rates

  8. Prodromos Mavridis Leicester GREECE

    As a long term Nationwide customer I am disgusted by your decision to introduce additional charges on the overseas use of your debit card and believe it to be seriously misguided and not in customers long term interest

  10. Thomas Bancroft Altrincham UNITED KINGDOM

    This should have been direct4ed ONLY at those who do not use the FlexAccount for thier main banking (i.e. depositing over £750 permonth and using it for direct debits).

  11. Mike Laye Bristol FRANCE

    100% in agreement

  13. Julie Heuring-Spencer Halstead UNITED KINGDOM

    introducing charges for foreign cash withdrawels are outrages as only 6 months ago Nationwide proudly advertised this to be unfair to customers

  14. John Nelson Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Lisa Gannon Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM
  16. robert perrie cheshunt UNITED KINGDOM

    hi,,this is one of the reasons i stay with nationwide and have been for 20 yrs

  17. Barbara Robertson Wellingborough

    Nationwide appears to be becoming a Commercial entity. Is this the beginning of the end as a Building Society that operates for the benefit of it's members. Who gets the extra revenue are interest rates to savers going up. Ha Ha!

  18. Graham Adgie Kendal UNITED KINGDOM

    Mutual customers require repeal of all recent proposals with vote of 'No Confidence in management board' at a Special Board meeting. Not a question of leaving but maintainging minimum balance to orchestrate change next AGM.

  19. Alison Adgie kendal UNITED KINGDOM

    Nationwide in decline without concern for its mutual customers provides final nail in the coffin if this goes ahead in November. Call for resignation of the Board.

  20. Gary Orr Crawley UNITED KINGDOM

    Goodbye Nationwide. Not just my Flexaccount but my ISA, savings accounts, kids savings accounts….

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